Anxiety and Mass


I have a big problem with social anxiety right now and at times I have to leave restaurants or stores. Totally not odd if you have social anxiety. My parish is quite large, we have 3 Masses each Sunday in the main church and I’ve been to all 3. There are several hundred people there per Mass and I have never had an anxiety attack. I may have to leave if my meds are making me ill, but never because of anxiety. Is that odd? It’s like I should live in a pew and I will be better. lol.


At least you have found a place of peace!

I have had some experience with social anxiety and will admit that even now, the Sign of Peace about drives me crazy! At daily mass, I have no problem because we all sit pretty far apart and just do that little hand wave thing. But at my large parish, all that hand shaking is enough to drive me to leave. I haven’t but it does weigh on me.

It is quite a blessing that you have been able to stay calm at Sunday mass.


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