Anxiety/Back Pain/Rushed Holiday Prep Prayers


Hi there, just gonna post everything in one thread. DH found out today that he will be leaving for TX tomorrow on business and will not be back till late Friday. We have my family’s Christmas this weekend 5 hrs south of where we live. Our original plans were to take off at 12 and head down there together, but now it appears I will be going alone w/ our 2 young children.

Please pray that his employer will arrange for him to fly into the airport that’s just a half hour away from where we’ll be staying so he can be with us for the weekend and help us on the trip home Sunday. I have an irrational fear of driving very far by myself, esp with the kids and in unknown territory and inclement weather. Add to this that I am borrowing a vehicle and I also have an irrational fear of wrecking (I was in several accidents as a teenager).

Please pray for the Lord to put my worries to rest and for safe travelling. DH will have to leave his cell phone at home as I do not have one and will need it for travelling - he will have to get a phone card to keep in touch w/ us while away from home. I also had to cancel by debit card today b/c of fradulent charges on my account, so remembering to get cash and having to leave the kids in the car to go pay for gas has me a little concerned. All will be well I’m sure, but I tend to be anxious about things up to the day of whatever the event is.

Add to this that I am having severe back pain and I’m not able to move as quickly as I’d like or need - pray that God will just keep us safe this week while I’m on my own w/ the kids and help me to get around on time in the mornings. Need to make it to confession in the morning before work and need extra time to get around safely in the mornings with the children.

Also, I had ordered some gifts online a couple weeks ago and the gift-giving will be this Friday - hoping that everybody’s gifts arrive in time and that Lord strengthens me and helps me in all my preparations this week and not to forget Him and His Mercy in the middle of it!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers!


Praying for you and your intentions.


Will keep you and your family in my prayers. Hoping you will get everything done, arrive safely, and have time for peace and family time…


I believe you can trust yourself to drive safely and without anxiety. I ask the Lord to encourage you to more confidence in how capable you are, even with your two treasures in the car with you. I ask Him to heal the anxiety that remains due to teen accidents.

I pray your husband’s boss will be considerate to your family needs and that you will all have a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and return trip …and I hope all goes well regarding the gifts. You will be very busy with the little ones, but I hope you find a few minutes here and there to give yourself nurture and peace…:coffee:


Praying for your intentions.


Well, it is a no-go for DH to be with us this weekend, his employer insisted on everyone travelling together (turns out it’s just him and his boss). Praying the Lord will strengthen him against temptations of the flesh while alone at the hotel and alone at home this weekend when he gets back and we’re away.

Also praying for wisdom and guidance for the trip - I have concerns about making pit stops w/ the kids.

Thanks again,


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