Anxiety over responsibilities


I don’t know if I just have a lazy temperament and I’m taking it way out of hand, or if I actually do have some psychological anxiety here, but…

I get extremely nervous over the smallest of responsibilities. I commit one small sin and I’ve angered God, or I screw up one school assignment and I’ve wasted my tuition raised by my hard-working mother, I say one wrong thing to my friends and I’ll forever be some kind of outcast.

It’s not so much that I cannot fulfill my responsibilities, it’s just the fact that I feel so… trapped. Like even if I wanted to just waste my life by sleeping 20 hours a day, I couldn’t. I have nowhere to go, and if I screw up the path I’m on now, it’s over.

Could you recommend some course of action for my anxiety? I do trust in the Lord, that life will be OK if I just stay faithful, but that does not do anything for my feeling of entrapment.

Thank you.


Sometimes I have similar moods. I’d recommend prayer but I won’t insult you by presuming that you’re not praying already.

Perhaps reflect more on the times when Christ or the Apostles were misunderstood, or felt the heaviness of their burdens. The Agony in the Garden in particular, when Christ begged the Father to take the cup of suffering away from Him.

Then offer every such feeling in union with His Agony, and remind yourself that He understands, has been through greater trials than you and in Him you will persevere and triumph.

And seek professional counselling as well, and medical treatment if indicated, if possible from someone who specialises in anxiety disorders.


Our Lord is not the accuser of the brethern. So just look to God’s love, not his judgement. Peter really messed up pretty bad, but because Peter was there God got him right.



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