Anxiety Over Vocation


Hello. I’ve posted before and didn’t get any responses. I just wanted to get someone’s input on some things I’m having trouble with.

I’ve been trying to get somewhere with discerning a vocation without that many results. I’m so overwhelmed looking at all the different orders and have no idea how to sift through all this. Some things that I can always be sure of are that I just want to be poor and live totally for God. By that I mean that when I was working full-time all I wanted was to be somewhere I could work just for God. I want to be somewhere where my soul is fed. I don’t want to have anything. I don’t want to talk about anything other than God. But all this considered, these are just the things I want. I ask myself, does God want this for me? Am I needed somewhere? I’m just so confused about all this. I have a priest who is willing to help me and so I hope to get some clarity. Pray for me.


It might be a good idea to look at your life as it is now. Are you living as simply as possible, or have things taken over? Get rid of all "unnecessary" stuff, and live in a small apartment. Daily mass and prayer if possible. And if you have access to an adoration chapel, spend some time there. God won't always give an answer through a thunderbolt. Put aside the stuff about the different orders for now. Consider that he may want you in other capacities. :signofcross::gopray:


If you have the opportunity for Adoration -that is a great time to talk with Jesus about what He might want for you.


Well I am glad you have a priest who is willing to help you. Maybe you should ask if he will act as your spiritual advisor. Do not stress about this as vocations are callings. Let God continue to call and investigate this calling with the priest of which you spoke. You can also attend a few vocation retreats as you discern this desire.


Its been ages since I’ve come back to CA, but your post CTuck touched a chord with me.
I’m in the same boat as you. I was made unemployed in 2011, and was in the process of discerning my vocation with my parish priest and a sister.They have been encouraging and advised me to attend a retreat for further discernment as well as look into the (frankly) overwhelming list of religious orders for women. I live in Dubai and well, its not possible to attend those kind of retreats here. In the meantime, I received a job offer which is a God send for paying my bills but leaves me with a heavy heart over the decision. I can see God’s work in this though. I’m taking this struggle up with Him everyday and can see how He wants me to draw closer to Him and most importantly trust Him. I want to use this time to discern his will save up and travel for those retreats. I will be going to Brazil for WYD and I pray I may find the religious order meant for me.


Ctuck and TeeEm I am praying for you both. I wish you both well in your search God bless.


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