Hi Everyone,
Ive had anxiety for over a year now, ive got it under control, but it just revs up every now and again.
Lately its been causing me a bit of stress. Please pray for me that it will calm down.


I will pray for your intention. I don’t know if you suffer from panic attacks. I have made a webpage with information about them that might be useful to you. It is at:

Also, I see that like myself you live in Sydney. A visit to Blessed Mary MacKillop’s tomb at North Sydney, to Eileen O’Connor’s tomb at Coogee and the Lourdes grotto at Earlwood would be good for you to pray at, for help with the anxiety and stress.

Also please invoke St Dymphna who is the patroness of those who are suffering from anxiety and stress. Here is a link with information about her:
Greetings and prayers for all your intentions,
Mary Ann

Our family website apostolate:

(saints, devotional items, prayers, miracles, articles on autism, poems, educational items and more).

Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism:

Each person (who has autism) whose name is sent to be included in this novena, will be prayed for regularly by a priest of Lourdes, France at the grotto. Only the first name of the person is needed for the purpose of this novena. Everyone is invited to send names: parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, aunties, therapists etc.


I will pray for you. I understand.


You’re in my prayers. :gopray:




I deal with anxiety and stress too so I understand. Praying for you.


praying for you


You are in my prayers…




Praying for you. My son suffers from panic attacks but manages to keep them under control most of the time. It’s a tough battle but winnable! Hang in there!



I have been there myself.Will pray for you.


I will pray for you. I know exactly how bad anxiety is because I am suffering with it as well.


May the Lord touch you with His mercy, and may He grant you with peace of mind.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]May the Lord touch you with His mercy, and may He grant you with peace of mind.

…Amen…and grant you in Mercy that Peace, “surpassing all understanding” which will free you from all undue anxiety…


Thank you all so much for your support and kind words.
All information will be used, thank you.
God Bless you all for your kindness and love


Praying for you, I know how you feel, like someone else suggested Do a Novena to St Dymphna: She has helped me so much with my anxiety when I have prayed to her:gopray2:


I have anxiety attacks too :frowning: , so I am praying for you.:byzsoc:


Maybe we should start a thread dedicated to anxiety?
Just for support for each other?


DolphinLove, I agree we should start a thread for anxiety so that we all can share and the prayer warriors can pray for us. Of course, I will be praying too. Anxiety, panic attacks run in my family so I know what y’all are going through. It’s not fun - to say the least.

Praying for everyone!:slight_smile:



Oh yes indeed, i think we can share how horrid this infliction is!
I will dedicate my rosary tonight to you and your family.
As for a thread, ill send it in as an idea so we can start a thread on it.
Take care and God Bless

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