Any actually good comediansor entertainers?


I used to like comedy, when I wasn’t put off by all the raunchy sex jokes and other morally offensive garbage. I can’t seem to find many real comedians alive today who aren’t sellouts to the pornographic cynical secular culture. The only one I can think of who has some really funny material without being gross or perverted is Brian Regan. Everyone today seems to be just a shock jock with the moral aptitude of Howard Stern. It’s just not funny. And I don’t really know of any really great Catholic comedians. Everyone in the entertainment culture just seems to sell out on the Church. They all just want to be famous and well known. They don’t care about the moral, spiritual, and intellectual development of their audiences and viewers. I’m just sick of everything in entertainment. I mostly just read books today. There are no good talented insightful and creative Catholic entertainers that I know of today. I hope some of you can surprise me, because while I love to read, and learn, and study, and do intellectual work, I would like to be able to do something entertaining with friends and family that isn’t just a bunch of wretched garbage. You can’t watch a movie today on TV that doesn’t glorify violence, drugs, immoral sexual practices, vengeance, materialism, atheism, etc. I’m so sick of it. I’ve been buying movies about saints and stuff, like of Mother Teresa, etc. but it is just like there really isn’t much enjoyable Catholic entertainment. Is it something that is fallacious in the very concept of entertainment itself? I personally don’t pursue entertainment very much, preferring enrichment and edification. I get so frustrated with people who don’t even know their faith very well who want to make the Mass “more entertaining”, as if they don’t have enough entertainment outside of Mass. When you constantly want to be entertained, it distracts from your prayer life. Sometimes silence and solemnity is more beautiful and enjoyable than bells and whistles, and electric guitars amplified and lit on fire by pyrotechnics…
Is there a such thing as Catholic entertainment? I am most entertained when I am thinking, laughing, growing, and learning, perhaps all at the same time. But this seems to rarely have been pulled off by anyone in the field of entertainment media. The culture is just too corrupt. You can’t get the kind of collaboration and dialogue needed. The audience isn’t literate enough in truthfulness, morals, integrity, sense of irony and humor, etc. to be able to understand the ideas required for such works of art. There has really got to be a revolution in the heart of the culture in media. If anyone can direct me to artists in any “entertainment” (I say kind of loosely) field, such as film, comedy, etc, perhaps more the dramatic and performing arts, I will greatly appreciate the dialogue. I would like to talk to people here about this subject, if anyone wants to PM me.

Just a note: I once tried doing standup comedy, actually did about 5 open mics, but I just got sick of it, because everyone else at the open mic nights was doing sex jokes and drug humor and I just didnt want to be around that culture anymore. That’s what people expect and want to see when they go to a comedy club mostly today.

I like the comedians of years past. I have several Bill Cosby and Bob Newhart CDs. (I also have a couple of Richard Pryor DVDs, but he isn’t exactly family friendly like the other two).

As far as good comedians today, Jeff Foxworthy’s clean, if you care for Redneck/Southern comedy. In fact, any of the guys from the Blue Collar Comedy tour are pretty good as far as content is concerned, especially compared to a lot of what’s out there.

And, of course, being Christian of any sort just isn’t seen as “cool” or whatever so much of the entertainment industry, even though movies with traditional Christian values sell well. I just look for the good in the spots that I can, personally, even in movies/shows/whatever that aren’t explicitly Christian.

Best comedian out there today is Jim Gaffigan.

Definitely not Ricky Gervais, or Jimmy Carr. Two so-called British comedians who think laughing at children with disabilities is funny.

Beat me to it!!! :wink:


“Bless Me Father” was a good TV comedy show about an Irish parish priest in England after WW2.

I haven’t actually heard his comedy, but I do know that Tom Wilson does comedy. (Incidentally, he’s appeared on both Catholic Answers Live and a couple of times on EWTN.)

Well, you already know about my favorite comedian, Brian Regan. Have you ever seen or heard Tim Hawkins. He is labeled a Christian comedian, although lately he is trying to shed that classification. He does a lot of religious humor and he is non-offensive in terms of content and language.

Here’s an example from YouTube:

You seem to equate “entertainment” with “comedy.” Is that intentional?

Can you appreciate the opera, ballet, concerts of various musical styles (classical, bluegrass, jazz, etc.)? These are all part of “entertainment,” and can be extremely uplifting and soul-stirring.

How about plays and musicals? There are so many excellent ones that are “clean” and have a “universe” that does not exclude God. Again, these can really help strengthen your heart and soul.

As for clean “comedy,” I agree it’s hard to find nowadays. I personally love Saturday Night Live. My husband and I believe that it is one of the most conservative shows on the air, and the current cast, with the exception of Kristen Whig (we don’t like her at all) is quite good. Once again, this year, as usual, SNL was the only television show I saw that actually made it clear that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Yay!

But if you can’t find any current comedians who are decent, look at the older ones. I highly recommend Carol Burnett and her friends. That show was brilliant.

Someone mentioned Bob Newhart and I second, third, and fourth that! Also the old Bill Cosby routines, and he’s still around doing tours. He’s been to our city twice.

I like Jerry Lewis, George Burns and Gracie Allen, the MARX BROTHERS!, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, and the Our Gang comedies. Yes, some of these are soooo ancient, but they are still just as funny as ever.

You might like to try look at some of Jim Varney’s material. God rest his soul, he died at age 50. But I never saw anything that he did that could be considered “dirty” or irreverent, and it’s soooo funny. We’re pretty certain that we own every video that he ever did. Brilliant stuff, much of it. Of course, I’m partial to his Ernest P. Worrell character, but he had so many other characters.

Another possibility is to look into the “hillbilly humor” that comes out of Branson, Missouri. Yes, I know, it makes you groan, but it’s usually really funny without being dirty or gross. Good family stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some of the old Hee Haw shows, especially the ones featuring Archie Campbell, Grandpa Jones, and Minnie Pearl. You’ll never hear filth from any of these comedians.

Or look into the Ole and Lena jokes from up in Minnesota (Scandinavian country). Those are really hilarious. You can hear them on Prairie Home Companion, which, BTW, also does some hilarious skits. I don’t care for Garrison Keilor’s ultra-liberal politics, but I do like his show.

I realize that many of these entertainers aren’t “Catholic.” But they aren’t “anti-Catholic,” either. If you want a great Catholic comedian, look at stuff by Danny Thomas.

My grandfather loved Hee Haw which was odd, since he could not speak English well, or hear very well for that matter. Maybe the blonde country girls grabbed his attention. :blush:

Bill Cosby discussing his children was very funny. Carol Burnett was great as well.

I wish they’d rerun Make Room for Daddy. There was a funny episode regarding burial plots. The Lebanese uncle was not happy with his spot, because it was too far from an apple tree.

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