Any Andy Warhol Fans Out There?

And I know, he had weird friends, life style, and a string of bizarre movies.

Just seeing who likes his art work and if so, why? However, maybe you did like his movies and the Velvet Underground.

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Hey Simon X,

Andy Warhol was great. I was lucky enough to see an exhibition last summer in Edinburgh which, for me, revealed a lot more about him and his work (if they can even be seperated) than the usual ‘oh the Campbells soup guy’ response.

I think that he was basically projecting back to America exactly what it was aspiring to be. He focussed on death, celebrity, consumerism, repetition and a certain glossy emptiness, which may not be to everyones liking, but I never fail to find him and his work less than captivating. I’m not sure what he was getting at with his Last Supper work, as I understand that he was a ‘devout’ catholic.

Sadly I’ve not seen any of his films at all, although I am a huge fan of the VU and of course the amazing Nico.

Yes, I’m a fan of his work. There is so much more to him than his popart stuff. I became interested in him through the David Bowie song “Andy Warhol” when I was about 13 and besotted with Bowie! At that time I’d never seen any of his work and knew nothing about him, but because if that song, I found out about him. I even sneaked into a showing of one of his films (made up to look like I was 18!) - it was very boring but I loved his art.

Sweet, thanks for info on the exhibition. Like you, I appreciate more than just his “Soup Can” period. But that had its place to.

He made some weird horror 3D movies from what I understand. But yes, he did create art that is still very captivating and imitated still today.

I did read once that he was a catholic, I think he lived with his mother to. Totally interesting character.

“Popism” lives.

We’re out there (boy howdy are we)!

Never managed to see any exhibitions, but I like what I’ve seen. And we have the entire VU discography :o

I thought Warhol was an absolute genius for tapping into the “comfort” zone. The was what made his soup art so interesting. The multicolored portraits were interesting for a totally different reason: illustrating how the same lines influenced by different colors produced a different emotional affact…

Would this be the place to mention that Andy Warhol was a Byzantine Catholic?

I had a friend back in the late 70’s that turned me onto Dali and Warhol. He was an art student (wonder what ever happened to him). But he got me interested in a lot of Warhol’s methods and his art. And yes, didn’t hurt that Warhol lived a very bizarre life (“the Studio”, getting shot, Nico, and Edie). Think he was one of the most misunderstood artists of his (our) time.

Like Bowie, VU (a little too far out far me).

I do have a few of his art exhibit posters around here somewhere. Now my 17 year old daughter is interested in his stuff…

Welcome BP, yes, somebody touched on the catholic angle, but if you can add anything, please jump in…thanks:thumbsup:

There was an excellent piece on Warhol on a couple years back that had some very interesting information on his Catholocism. He did indeed live with his mom &, per the article, wouldn’t leave the house each day until praying with her. His last work was very religious, including many takes on the Last Supper - some of which are quite affecting.

Search . . . I’m sure the article’s archived over there!

Wow, not familiar at all with anything religious Warhol did, I’ll check this out.thanks

Lou Reed/Velvet Underground fan here.
Both Warhol and Moe Tucker were Catholics.

I’m a new Andy Warhol fan actually. It’s very silly, but the reason I became a Warhol fan was because I liked the Andy Warhol purse line.
I’ve read a lot about him on the internet. From what I’ve read he went to mass everyday and helped put his nephew (or someone in his family) through seminary.

Sweet… there’s a ton of stuff out there about Warhol. He’s influence is everywhere. In fact, if you have a MAC, check out the photo booth, one of the pop art photo effects is based on Warhol (if you’re familar with his Marilyn Monroe works).

His religious bent is really interesting. Anyway, that’s my 15 minutes…

Looks like I’m five months late but, hey, better late than never, right?

So there’s definitely an Andy Warhol fan out here! I didn’t know too much about him for a long time – he was just soup cans to me. I discovered him in a very roundabout way through Jean Michel Basquiat. (That link takes a few clicks but is worth it for the slideshow of their collaborations.)

He was not just catholic, He was very catholic, daily mass and all.

and yes i am a fan.:thumbsup:

Naturally Mirdath and I are raging fans of both Warhol (and Basquiat too, for that matter). And I have loved the Velvet Underground since I was maybe 2 years old, and can probably sing every song they ever recorded by heart. :o

Never too late Joe…Jump in if any observations or comments on my favorite Pop artist. Still very relevant as far as I am concerned…

Andy Warhol did some pretty weird stuff, but overall, I don’t think he was a bad Catholic. He did a lot of great things in the visual arts, and he was even somewhat involved in music, like Velvet Underground! There’s some interesting info about his involvement in the music scene in this Andy Warhol biography.

I’m surprised that so many Catholics who do not want to support anything “gay” would be avid fans of Andy Warhol…interesting.

His biographers portray him as “very gay”…one of the first openly gay artists of notoriety…glad he has so many Catholic fans.:slight_smile:

I like some of his art, especially the larger than life and vividly colored celebrity portraits.

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