Any Anglican Churches have daily Eucharist?

Does anyone know of an Anglican Church which holds daily Eucharist Services?

It should not be hard to find one, in the larger parishes. The local Episcopal Cathedral holds them Sunday-Friday.


In the Church of England you will find the Eucharist tends to be celebrated daily. The same goes for larger parish churches, collegiate churches and some of the ancient minsters.

This is all very interesting as I only thought the Roman Catholic Rite celebrated the Eucharist daily and had no idea that some of our Protestant churches did so as well. Thanks for sharing this info.

That’s why I was asking. I’m only familiar with one and was wondering if there were more out there.

When the Church of England broke from Rome, some of them kept the Eucharist, but as time went on, there Vicars were not validly ordained, because they said they did not believe in the Eucharist, and plus the succession of the laying of hands from the Catholic Bishops down stopped.

So the High Anglicans might say they are receiving the Eucharist, which is a contradiction to what Elizabeth 1 wanted and broke from Rome for , as there Vicars and Bishops are not validly ordained, so neither is there consecration, they don’t believe In Transubstantiation but Consubstantiation, that Christ is not present in the Bread or the Wine and its just a mere symbol. By breaking from Rome there Bishops cannot have Transubstantiation as the laying on of hands has been broken which is what the Church of England wanted, now you cannot have it both ways.

There is no such thing as Anglican- Catholic.

One is Anglican or a Roman Catholic. Again one or the other.

The OP is Anglican and is not asking for a rehash of Apostolicae Curae. We are aware of and utterly reject that Bull. A good Roman Catholic is bound in conscience to accept it, but the Church of England and the OP are not.

You are also apparently unfamiliar with the history of the Church of England, the doctrine of the Prayer Book and Ordinal, and the Church of England’s claims to succession. Even Rome acknowledges that the Church of England never ceased to lay on hands or believe in the Eucharist as a sacrament; it contends that the Church of England’s intent is deficient insofar as it does not intend to confer the threefold orders of the primitive Church (which it does, if you read the Preface to the Ordinal) or to offer the Eucharist as a propitiatory sacrifice for the living and the dead.

YOU Say Catholic and Reformed. The Catholic Church has never been Reformed only the Protestant Sects have been reformed, and any break away groups from the Catholic Church like the Anglicans plus all of the Protestant Sects.

Catholicism is pre denominational. We are the originals.
Catholicism is Christianity at its fullest expression.

The Christian identity is a belonging to the Church because to find Jesus outside of
the Church is not possible. Pope Francis.

Having the Bible but rejecting the religion that produced it is like taking the writings of the Dalai Lama and following his writings , but rejecting him and the Tibetan Buddhism. If the writings are a reflection of the religion but you reject the religion from which they came, you are only left with a reflection- Anglican Religion.

I think you are gravely mistaken, but this thread is probably not the place to argue about it. It was a request for factual information, which has now been answered. If you really want to debate all this stuff, then feel free to PM me or to start another thread.

I hope you have a great day.


CM is aware of AC, but not to the extent of comprehending the logic in it. And the same with historical points, generally, as you will note above.I’ve been there before.


There are a good number of Episcopal parishes that celebrate the holy Eucharist daily in metro areas though the number of communicants may be sparse. As someone in full communion with Anglicans, I have greatly benefited from being able to take holy Communion during the week since daily Mass is rare among Lutherans.

Yes, this thread is not about Holy Orders, If you’d like to discuss Anglican Orders feel free to start your own thread.

The original intent was to see if Anglicans or other faiths here knew of specific churches in their area which held daily Eucharist services.

If one is looking for specific parishes, here’s the list of parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of New York

Thanks. Wasn’t really looking to have to search every parish in each diocese. Are you aware of any Parishes which offer it?

The Cathedral of St John the Divine.


We’re getting better!

One very confessional ELCA church does it twice a week here in Seattle of all places.

God love them, they remain steadfast in the ELCA per Ezekiel 3:18

*When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood.

A week day Mass is fairly common in large Lutheran parishes; there were several LCMS parishes in New York that celebrated daily but I don’t know if they still do. In the seminaries, the Mass is celebrated daily except Saturdays.

You are correct, such Masses tend to be poorly attended. For some reason or other besides Holy Week and Christmas it is difficult to get an Episcopalian into church other than on Sunday. :shrug:

Our Episcopal parish celebrates Holy Communion on Wednesday mornings. Since I work the afternoon shift, I usually attend. I’ve seen attendance range from 3 - 20 people. I’ve attended Mass in my wife’s Catholic parish some weekday mornings (it’s usually offered Tuesday - Friday), and they’re somewhat better attended. But they have a lot more parishoners to start with.

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