Any Anglicans here?


Are there any Anglicans who hang out here? I have a few questions regarding the whole Anglican communion and the various beliefs that are found in different diocese (or so it seems). I have some family who are (or rather, who were) involved in the ACNA. Is there a big schism brewing in the Anglican Communion?


For years.

I got a hurricane to wrestle, but I’ve been doing Anglicanism online for 20 years, give or take a fortnight.


Yep. There is a split between conservative Anglicans (a broad category that could include anything from Anglo-Catholic to hardcore Calvinists and everything in between, even happy clappy evangelical types) and the liberal Anglicans (again could be anything from Affirming Catholics to broad churchmanship to Open Evangelical). The most recent point of division has been over the church’s response to homosexual persons. Should their same-sex attraction be affirmed by the church as a positive aspect of who they are?

There are provinces (member churches of the Anglican Communion) that tend to be more liberal (the US Episcopal Church for example) and those that tend to be more conservative (the Anglican Church in Rwanda). In recent years, conservatives in America and Canada begged for Anglican churches in Africa, South America and Asia to essentially rescue them. Parishes and in some cases entire dioceses voted to withdraw from the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church in Canada and submit to traditional bishops in other parts of the world.

Church authorities in the US and Canada accused the overseas provinces of interfering in their national churches, and the overseas provinces accused the US and Canadians of infidelity and heresy. Both sides appealed to the larger Anglican Communion to restore order, but the Communion has been paralyzed.

Meanwhile, the Anglican parishes and dioceses in North America that had come under the oversight of the foreign Anglican churches were organized into a new Anglican church, the ACNA that is in direct competition with the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada. The ACNA is not part of the Anglican Communion; however, it is in communion with the conservative provinces. Meanwhile, many of the conservative provinces have declared themselves in impaired communion with Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada.

The conservatives have created their own organization, the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, which in many ways functions as an alternative to the Anglican Communion.


Pretty big, yes. The breakaway conservative group is called Gafcon, an acronym for Global Anglican Futures Conference. Take a look at their website.


That’ll do, but you need to cover the Continuum. The FCA is a GAFCON group, like the ACNA, still partially linked, to some of the Anglican Communion Provinces. The Continuum is not.

How come you aren’t wrestling hurricanes?


I’ve stocked up on water, food and snacks. Weather’s still nice here. Calm before the storm I guess. We’re expecting the weather to deteriorate sometime in the morning. Stay safe!


I’m an ex-Anglican.


What lead you to leave if I may ask?


Thank you! Are you anglican? I’ve always been curious about the whole anglican communion and how it’s so varied in its beliefs . A few family members recently left the acna and I was wondering if there was a bunch of stuff going on there.


Prayers for all of you who have to endure Florence!


No, but I know way too much about it lol. I’m a history buff, and in college that grew into a love of church history. And the Anglicans have a lot of interesting history.


Snacks, water, ready to eat food, batteries, and old radio shows to listen to, if it’s too dark to read.

Property damage my big worry.

May we all stay safe, my friend. Thanks.


Yes. It’s partially split (Anglicans are great at that) over the women’s ordination issue.


Interesting is one word for it.


Yes, its times like these I worry about the trees around my house. Hopefully, the storm won’t linger.


Trees, indeed.

I sometimes like trees.


What might you say will happen to the ACNA? Will it fall apart?


It’s the usual pattern amongst Anglicans, for the last 40 years.


I was raised Anglican for two or three years but ended up being confirmed in the Catholic Church. It was mostly just a “my parents are making me come here” deal, but I did spend time there.


Anglican here - of the liberal Episcopal (TEC) persuasion.

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