Any assistance greatly appreciated


Admitting that I’m NOT a “nerd”

I can’t find my profile

Have not the slightest idea how and what I have to do to gain PM privileges [which I frankly think is ridiculous]

Am UNCLEAR as to how to select topics & or threads to follow

ANY Help appreciated, as I’m trying to discern if I want to continue to be active on this FORUM

God Bless,


Click that giant P to find your profile, or, go to the GEAR next to your avatar on the top right of this page. Click on it to find your profile.
Click the three horizontal lines to find all the subforums.
It should also come up there near the top with NEW THREADS (things posted today) and any UNREAD threads you were interested in previously.


At the top of this thread, while reading your first post, double click on the circle that looks like this:

Once in your profile, look at Messages near the top of page for messages

You should have one from me from a few days ago when I tried sending you one to help you find it.


And another one from me that I sent about an hour ago


At the end of a topic you will see a box (should default to normal). It will be below the Bookmark button. Click on that and you will see options muted, tracking and watching. Tracking and watching will allow you to follow topics.


Your profile is here
You can edit your profile (and other settings) here
You have PM privileges. You can PM a user by clicking their avatar and then clicking the blue “Message” button.

You can follow a topic (among other options) by clicking the gray button directly below the “Bookmark” button at the bottom of the page.


Thanks, but I DID try that and got NOTHING even close to my profile or ANY profile

All I got was a list of posters on topics I had discussed

God Bless you,


Hi Patrick,

To access the features on the forum, you can do it in most of two ways:

Look to the upper-right hand corner of your screen, at the top right-hand corner.

You’ll see a magnifying glass where you can search the forums.

To the right of that in the middle, you’ll see a triple bar where you can click on that, and that will bring you to the forum Categories section.

In that same section, it will also show you links that you can click on for the Latest topic, and the Newest topic, too.

If you look down at the bottom of your page in that section there, you’ll see a link for Frequently Asked Questions, and an About Us link that if you click on that, you’ll have a way to also reach the Forum Admin., and also the CA Webmaster.

Going all of the way back up to the upper-right hand corner of the page again, if you look to the right of that triple bar, you will see your own username icon. This is what the other members here were talking about, when also trying to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Click on your own username icon, and you’ll see who responded to you from the forum. You’ll see if anyone responded to you personally there or replied to one of your posts personally there, and you’ll also see if anyone “Liked/Hearted” one of your posts, too.

Directly below your username icon in the same box that you see all of the reply/responses to you, you’ll see your username once again at the top left corner of this box.

Look over all of the way to the upper-right corner of this box now. You’ll see a bookmark icon, a message icon, and a gear icon.

You can bookmark threads here on the forum, so that you can refer back to a thread that interests you. You can click on the envelope icon too, and go to your Private Messages that way, and you can click on the gear icon to get to all of the other forum features, including your Profile information.

When you click on that gear icon, it will take you to a section called “Preferences.”

When you click on “Preferences,” look to the left-hand side of your screen. You will then see active links in gray on that side of your screen, that are listed on the left side, that go down in a column from top to bottom.

You can click on each link, and look at them carefully and fill out the page or the boxes, and adjust the settings as you want them to be for the forum, or you can leave them at the “default” forum settings if you like.


You forgot to click the GEAR SHAPE


Can’t THANK you enough

Some prayers heading your way




You’re very welcome, Patrick. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad that I could help you out.

God bless you! :heart:


Hi, its Patrick AGAIN:grinning:

For the second time now I have attempted to send a Private Message [2 different users] and get the error message "need to use identified user:; so I did a copy and paste of the USER name and received the SAME error message. What’s up with that?

RCIA class on sin
Traditional Catholicism
1 / 13

Seeksadvice is the USER I wish to PM

God Bless and thanks


Hi Patrick,

I checked using my own PM function just to make sure that I could bring up a username myself.

What happens is that as soon as you start to type a member’s username in the username box at the top where we can fill it out for sending a message, the PM system has a form autofill feature where it will start to bring up various member’s usernames with their profile avatars/pictures if they’re using one.

Once you see their username start to come up/appear in that autofill feature, click on their little username with profile icon that you see in the forum list menu in front of you and use it, and allow that to be used in the little username form box.

Sometimes you might not see their username come up, and then you might have to type it in manually yourself, but most of the time I have seen most of the member’s usernames come up with the autofill feature.

Then once you get the name in the username box, just go ahead and fill out your subject line for your PM, and then type the rest of your message in the Reply box, and then send it when you’re finished. :slightly_smiling_face:



In both efforts I have not seen the “auto fill” and typed in the user name. The second effort I even copied and pasted it, aNd STILL both times I received the Error message: TYPE IN A VALID USER NAME


God Bless and thanks


Hi @PJM,

When I tried typing in the member’s username that you were looking for, it did come up for me in the system from the member list.

The only other thing that I can think of would be to ask the CA Webmaster for help.

If you like, I can bring this thread to his attention here, in case there is a problem with your PM feature:


God bless you, Patrick! :slightly_smiling_face:


@PJM, there are multiple methods of accomplishing tasks here, but this method should be fairly straight forward. Let me know if the following steps work for you:

  1. Click the search icon (top right of screen)
  2. Type in the user’s name.
  3. The user’s avatar and username should show up at the bottom of the search results. Click the user you want to PM.
  4. You’ll be taken to the user’s profile page. Click the blue “message” button (top right of screen).
  5. A message box will open at the bottom of your screen. Enter a title. Enter a message. Click “Message”. Done.


I have TRIED for the 4th different USER: _33monkey

ARE these names somehow invalid.

I copied and pasted the directions which I followed… SAME results, the message would NOT accept the USER Names, ethe typed in OR copied and pasted.

WHAT do I need to do? HELP PLEASE, HELP


Are you using the dark theme? On experimenting I think that that has a bug. I will report it soon. Just been short on CAF time lately.


WHAT is the “dark theme”?


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