Any Beeethoven fans?

The annual Beethovenfest is on in Bonn and Deutsche Welle has a podcast of it for free via iTunes or RSS.

It’s actually “Beethoven & more”, more = lesser lights such as Schumann plus works specially commissioned for the festival (I think we can skip those).

I think you can also d/l past year’s festivals from DW so enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up. Classical Music is the only way to go and the only thing I will listen to. You can also go to the Deutsche Grammophon homepage and click on the Launch Radio player and they play whole albums of some of their newest offerings. Great to listen to while working.


Ditto for me, however I am more of a High Baroque fan of Bach, Handel, Pachebel, and Vivaldi rather than Beethovan.

But only Classical music for me too, fortunately we have a great Classial music radio station in Portland, Oregon.

I have a rather large collection of music and do do very much like the “air” of the baroque style. It is very soothing.


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