Any Benedictines here I can talk to? I want to ask you some questions


I am discerning the life as a Benedictine monk and Priest. That's why I would like to talk to some Benedictines.


Why don’t you call or email a Benedictine monastery near you to set up a visit and ask for some information about their life?



I highly recommend the Benedictine Monks in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their Abbey does not teach. Rather, they get tons of visitors every week that live in the guesthouse, and they administer the Sacraments to them and give them advice. They live on Clear Creek, so type in (Or possibly com) and give them a call. They are a great and traditional Community. They say Mass in Latin and everything. I cannot recommend them enough.


I am reasonably familiar with Benedictine monasticism, Cistercan (OSCO) in particular.

The first thing I would caution is that you don’t become a Benedictine monk to become a priest. You become a monk to become a brother to a community of brothers. The brotherhood comes first, and then priests are chosen from among the brothers to support the sacramental needs of the community.

There is really little indication as to who is a priest and who is not other than the fact that priests will vest for and concelebrate Mass. All of the monks will typically call each other Brother without regard to who is a priest and who is not, at least that is my experience and what I have been told.

You may want to contact Brother Micheal at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. . Send him an email and just let him know that it is something you have been thinking about and that you have some questions and would like to ask some questions.

You can also have a look at the vocations video they have produced titled, “The Call.”



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