Any Bernhard Cornwell/Richard Sharpe/Sean Bean fans out there?

Got to admit it, what a great adventure series, both in print and on DVD via BBC.

Anyone have a favorite character in the TV series?

I heard Pete Postlethwaite (Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill ) passed away the other day...sad...what a great character actor. One internet site rates this character as one of his top 10 performances:

*4. Sharpe - Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill
Postlethwaite stated that this was one of his favourite roles and that he and Sean Bean played so well off each other because of their mutual respect for each other. Bernard Cornwell, the author and creator of the Sharpe series, specifically wrote Hakeswill's character in later novels to reflect Postletwaite's performance as the character in the TV series. *

Of course, Sean Bean IS Sharpe, but Harper and the Chosen men were well cast the chap who played Sir Henry Simmerson with the PERFECT combination of arrogance, incompetance, and cowardice.

Somehow, I always feel good when I watch one of these DVDs...comfortable, maybe....I dunno, they're so well done that I feel like like it's sort of an escape for me to a different time and place. Maybe because it was a simpler time, for simpler characters...they had a job to do, be a soldier....stay alive, defeat the enemy....dangerous to be sure, but a simpler time.

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic.....

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