Does anyone know of any Bishops that have banned IAF-Community Organizing activities in their Diocese??
I would also appreciate link to news stories/releases.

What the heck is “IAF”?

Elizabeth, I believe IAF refers to the Industrial Areas Foundation, which is a community organizing network originally founded by Saul Alinsky.

To my knowledge, none has come out and outright put out a ban on these groups. There are many and are proliferating in my state (in the midwest). Some bishops ARE being outspoken, like Bishop Ricken in Green Bay.

They (IAF and others) have been operating and spreading since the 1970’s and a particular and planned push in the last 10 years. The Gamaliel Foundation is another leader in the are of Community Organizing. This is the one through which Barack Obama got his start. They are very proud of this accomplishment, though I don’t see it as a positive one, except the truth about how left leaning they are has come out.

I am involved in the resistance to these groups infiltrating our churches, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Many have jumped on their bandwagon regarding ‘social justice’ issues. One of the problems is, they DO do some good, though I have found they take a lot more credit than is due them in any endeavor in which they have been a part. Another tactic is to drop names to gain credibility for their cause. For example, even if a friend of mine may have had a casual conversation with one of GF’s local leaders, and I know that friend in no way would support this group, the GF leader will insinuate that this friend IS supportive, just to gain my possible support. I’m telling you, they will try just about anything, including defaming and pressuring people to get their agenda in place.

I have had some direct experience at a meeting where a GF affiliate was allowed to speak at my parish. I wanted to videotape the proceedings to show to those who could not attend, but the leader stopped me saying “We don’t want you to misrepresent us.” This person apparently had me pegged without even having met me before!

Another ally had been a member of the local C.O. and realized they were indeed wary of anyone who might be a Republican when she overheard some conversation between 2 leaders of the group. It is also a fact that many, if not all, of the leaders, both local and higher up, are either ex-Catholics or are dissidents. I have certainly found that to be true here.

For more detail on the subject, I suggest going to the Catholic Media Coalition and Spero Forum and search for any articles by Stephanie Block.

Please PM me for more details if interested.

God bless,

HI these groups are popping up in my area of Southern California as IAF/PICO/ICUC. There are many concerned parishioners at my church because they have been approved to operate with our youth and CCD groups. It didnt take long to connect the dots that they groups work with organizations that oppose church teach teachings. Any ideas on what we can do ? Thanks and God Bless

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