Any books about saints for my boys?


I need all of your vast knowledge! I have 3 boys ages 2, 4 and 6. My 6 yr old is extremely bright, he has been reading (and comprehending) chapter books since age 4! I’m looking for some books for him about the saints, I’m trying to find something for him that will really spark some intrest and get him more focused on the faith! He loves geography any stories about misionaries?

Any recoomendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!:gopray2:


St. Dominic Savio hands down!!!

St. John Bosco wrote an excellent biography about the saint. I purchased it for my 8 year old and he did read it and learned alot. Also, there is a cartoon series called "My Catholic Family" which my children all watch too and they did one episode on St. Dominic (they can probably be purchased at EWTN Catalogue.

St. Maria Goretti and St. Alloysius are both young saints.


Try Vision Books.


We just got one of the Once Upon A Time Saints books for our kids. It’s stories about the lives of obscure saints told in fairy tale format. May not appeal as much to your 6-year-old, but they’d be great for the younger kids. I read a couple to our daughters the other night and even the 9-year-old really liked them.


Thanks so much everyone for all the great ideas!! I can't wait to see how my boys will like them!! I so appreciate everyones input!!

God Bless all of you and your families!:extrahappy:


You could also try to buy the books used. Thats how I do it these days, its alot more affordable. My St. Dominic book was used.


Doesn't every name have a Saint? For example my name day is August 25th. You could get a book of the Saint attached to your son's name.
When I was a kid my parents got a book of famous people with the names of my brother, sister and me. I got a book of a King who had my name. I still know a lot about this King based on that book because I always thought the book was really special when I was a kid.
Just an idea.


The previous suggestions are excellent. The Once Upon a Time Saints and More Once Upon a Time Saints are big hits here. I also use this list for book title ideas:

As for geography, whip out a map and stick it to the wall and start putting pins or stickers on all the places the saints lived that you learn about.


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