Any books on the start and history of the Reformation

I am looking for the most unbiased, factual book about the reformation. There are many to choose from out there. Any recommendations? Thanks

It is going to be tough to find an unbiased history on anything, especially anything regarding the History of Christendom. Even secular authors have their biases and opinions on it.

I recommend from the Catholic perspective:

Belloc’s How the Reformation Happened and Warren Carroll’s History of Christendom series.

From the Protestant perspective

Alister Mcgrath’s Christianity’s Dangerous Idea and (though outdated a bit) Ranke’s The History of the Popes and his History of the Reformation in Germany.

Although all four historians have their biases and opinions, this will give you a good mix of views from both sides and their works include a great deal of primary sources that you can follow up on and find your own views on.

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I forgot to add NMHS, that before you read the History, take time to read the Historian. This will give you a good idea of the biases and slants that each historian will be coming in with.

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Has anybody read the “Roots of the Reformation” by Karl Adam?

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