Any cartoons or animation films on saints or biblical stories?

I felt nostalgic today and remembered the good ol’ days when I watched cartoons. I’m sure that I watched a few cartoons that were based on the stories from the Bible. I believe that there was one on St. Juan Diego. There might have been some live-action scenes as well but my memory is kinda blurry. I don’t know where to find any since this was back in the early 90s and most of the VHS tapes in my home have been thrown out. Does anybody know of some films and if there are even comic books for that matter?

Btw, I’ve already seen The Prince of Egypt and this short “anime” film project on Jesus’ Crucifixion (which is well done, I must say!):

Veggie Tales ?

I believe I may know what you’re talking about.

There was a whole series of them, based off of saints, although there was one of the Odyssey as well, so there were probably other non-saint movies. My mother had bought many of the movies and made me watch them as a child.

That might be it! I think my fuzzy memory made it look better than it seemed through since the cartoon style is so blatantly from the 90’s…

They’re from CCC of America and there is an entire series with many saints–Patrick, Francis Xavier, Francis of Assisi, the children of Fatima, Bernadette, etc. There is also an animated version of Ben-Hur and of the Odyssey, as well as Christopher Columbus.

Ah, Ben-hur and Christopher Columbus. Those were who I was forgetting. I believe I’ve seen them all in that case, unless they’ve made more recently.

The studio that did Prince of Egypt also did a film on the Genesis story of Joseph.

There was a magnificent animated series called the Storykeepers which I watched when I was a kid. It was based around the lives of some of the early Christians in Nero’s Rome. Basically it told the story of Jesus through their meetings for the Eucharist and various trials & troubles.

This is the website for the series


EWTN shows a few kids’s series’ in the early afternoon from 3 to 4:30 pm central time. Some of my favorites, available on DVD, are the “My Catholic Family” series (mostly about saints), “We Are Catholic” (about different aspects of the Faith), and “Animated Stories from the New Testament”–an almost Disney-quality 30 minute show on Jesus’ earthly life and the Apostles.

They also have a show on Saturday mornings called The Friar which is dubbed into english but is a very sweet show about a friar who is a painter and illustrates Bibles and his three puppet friends, Renata–a little girl–Leopold, a frog, and Timothy, a mouse. He tells them parables, this is reinforced with a song, and then they learn about a saint in a brief presentation from a magical stained glass window. These shows are all very appropriate for kids, interesting, and available at EWTN’s catalogue.

The Greatest Adventure, Stories From the Bible

by Hanna Barbera is very good.

you can see some on youtube

Brown Bag Productions submitted an Oscar nominated short film entitled :Give up yer auld sins. It is animation done to the narration of Irish children from the 1960’s.
I love the humour, the innocence and the candid storytelling style.

Here’s the youtube link if you’re interested:

I would highly recommend My Catholic Family, it is cute, funny, and quite informative while being easy to understand for all ages.

If I could just get used to the accents changing all the time on the english dubbing. One week they all sound like they are from Jersey–the next week they’re straight outta London, lol.

Miracle Maker is haed and shoulders above any story of Jesus I have ever seen.

The Jesus portrayed in this film is the image I have in my heart and mind of Jesus.

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