Any Catholic apologists?

Hi everyone I wanted to see if there is a Catholic apologist willing to email or talk I was raised Catholic (confirmed) but parents never went to church. Have been evangelical Charismatic for 40 years but have dived into apostolic fathers for the last couple of years. There are too many questions to numerous to discuss here and obstacles I can’t get around. Thank you

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I am to some extent, but mainly I deal with Biblical apologetics and atheism. So, my area of expertise is not the church fathers. I’m aware of them, sometimes I use them in apologetics, but I’m much more familiar with the Bible.

Hi Adam actually I am looking for biblical answers I was just stating that reading the apostolic fathers caused me to explore Catholicism more in depth

I have listened to Catholic Answers for a long time and have gone to mass a lot at a nearby Dominican Abbey that I really enjoy. Have made confession even.

Do you know Dave Armstrong’s blog, biblical evidence for Catholicism? I think that might be able to help you.

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Feel free to ask your questions on this open forum. There are many capable apologist here with their own expertise in certain topics.


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Welcome, @Desperateforhim! Please also avail yourself of the search feature! There is a treasure trove of information on CAF. People have most likely asked similar questions to what you are searching for! :slightly_smiling_face:

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