Any Catholic artwork you like?


The Crucifixion scene is in the Chapel of the Cross in Stephen’s Cathedral , Vienna .

Jesus is said to have a beard that changes length. Because the beard of Jesus is made of horsehair, it contracts or lengthens when the humidity level changes.


I always visualize Mary shielding me with her powerful rosary. The devil is trying to attack me so he wield a massive sword at me and Mother Mary quickly grab the rosary from my hands and flung against it, breaking the sword in pieces. Then she threw the rosary around the devil’s neck and it was so heavy that the devil collapse to the ground with it immobilized instantly. Opps! I over imagined it a little.


I have been to Mass there. Had a 6am flight, landed and took the local train to my hotel. Quickly dropped off my suitcase and went to Mass before my best friend arrived in Vienna. Was surprised that I could follow and understand the complete Mass in German.

Looking at the colourful containers in the corner. There seem to be some renovations taking place. Or maybe, a never ending renovation.


Igreja de Santo António, Lisbon


This is one of my favorites… “The Last Judgement,” a 13th century Byzantine ceiling mosaic at the Florence Baptistry.


Christmas time at St Stephens Cathedral Vienna


Stained glass window in St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna .



The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain .



I am a fan of personal (what I call ones own sacred space) Catholic eclectic bohemian style wall-art.

All of those Holy Cards make for a wonderful soul space. :heart_eyes:


The nave and high altar décor of Santiago de Compostela in Spain .



Inside Santiago de Compostela in Spain .



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