Any Catholic artwork you like?


At first it is art talking with a catholic theme. though I think perhaps we present artist who are Catholic as it there faith could emit Catholicish art.


I like this one of an Irish chaplain in World War 1 giving general absolution .

The Last General Absolution of the Munsters at Rue du Bois by Fortunino Matania depicting Father Gleeson (mounted, centre) on the eve of the Battle of Aubers Ridge in May 1915.



His EF Mass cards are stunninggg


This Raphael was a pretty decent Catholic artist.

His paintings are a bit pricy for most folks however.


Dali: Corpus Hypercubus

Dali: Sacrament of the Last Sjpper


How about the murals of Maxo Vanka in St. Nicholas Church in Millvale PA?


This is a painting of the woman with hemorrhages who touched Jesus’s cloak and was healed. It hangs in the ecumenical chapel at Magdala.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation. Painting by Antónimo Discípulo sin maestro .


Once I Had a dream,I was searching for god to paint exactly.But it was difficult for me to find him.But at last I found him with kids.That day itself I got a blessing from God.So let’s be Like Kids.
I have some prayer’s in youtube- Bennat’s Kitchen


Don’t know the artist but this is the central message of Holy Mother Church and all of Christendom:


Man, what a great thread…I am gonna have to get a wall in order to find some of these paintings!


That Joseph and Baby Jesus is beautiful, but so very sad with the cross shadow and the nails. I also think Joseph from the look on his face is just about to set that mallet down and take those sharp things away from his baby boy.


Let’s not forget all the awesome variations of “Our Lady of Succor” which depict Mary going after the devil with a stick and rescuing her children. I’ve been asking Mary to drive the devil away from me lately and I picture something like this.


My friend Didi who’s a television producer in Los Angeles had a big conversion. She’s in the thick of Hollywood but is a devout practicing Catholic.

She’s a great artist. This is her most recent.


I really like that. He looks very human.


is the stick for smacking?


Any Catholic artwork you like?

Yes. I’m very fond of this particular artwork. The artist is the Blessed Virgin Herself.


Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.
Painted by her sister Celine Martin (Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face)



Sorry for the glare! The bottom two I had to quickly take with my phone.


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