Any Catholic artwork you like?


I do like the idea behind this and I think it’s quite funny but it does disturb me a bit-the fact that the devil is made to be black (dark brown) in order to contrast with the whitness and “purity” or Mary, Jesus, and the Angels. I am aware that in European cultures at the time when this was painted, whitness (as well as blondeness) was seen as angelic and pure. The opposite of that of course would be dark skin. It would make sense why that is then excellently portrayed in this image. I am not a person that goes around caling out people for racism and in this image I don’t really believe that that is the main drive. And of course you must also take into account that the devil looks like a beast, dragon human combination, not just like a dark person. The artist(s) just portrayed what was different and ugly to them, not in relationship to dark skinned people. Yet this still brings to me painful memories of what it sometimes feels like going to my local parish’s latin mass and perfectly also reimagines what I believe to be the initial reaction of Europeans and their culture (which is deeply tied to Catholicism) to the “discovery” of black people. It just disturbs me being reminded of this unfortunate culture clashing in an image which is supposed to represent an aspect of my religion. It is still a thing that troubles me today. But it’s a nice image thanks for sharing!


That is really cute


That is quite good. Thank you for sharing.


I always thought this painting was haunting -
Not sure if they’re leave Egypt - or going there.
200 bucks - caught my eye :face_with_monocle:


Yes, the stick is for her to hit the devil.


I understand the dark-light symbology can be hurtful to some people even if they logically know all the things you said (the devil is portrayed as beastly and so on).

But what does this have to do with “what it sometimes feels going to my local parish’s latin Mass”?
Is your parish super-white or something?
In my area, there are a lot of brown-skinned people at the Latin Mass of various nationalities.


Well our parish actually has mostly white people but also quite a few Asians (south and east). However the environment and climate there is quite homogeneous and so at our first time going there, we felt a bit unnapproved by some people. But no one there was really racist or anything. And we eventually became friends with everyone there but it was just our initial introduction to it that was kindof “different”. And I feel as though many believed that black people don’t have any place in salvation history due to a lack of exposure. But any suffering was offered up! :slight_smile:


Oh, dear, I hate to be negative but I really strongly dislike this. (The icon with the exaggerated cartoon eyes).


It’s supposed to be exaggerated. It’s anime (Japanese cartoon style). I love anime and I love Our Lady so I think it’s beautiful.


Anime must have been inspired by Margaret Keane…


I love it too. I shared it on an animated fan forum I’m a part of.


We could make the Devil in artwork now blue like in this Byzantium piece with white hair as it deals the black/dark brown concept perhaps? Maybe a serpent for some sort of jewel or tattoo or a crown?

from this source:


This is the first etching from the series, 'St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church by James Munce. He was the art professor of my art professor. It’s titled, ‘Cleaning the Tympanum’.



St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church II, Touching Up the Fresco, Coloured Etching 16"x18"



St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church III, Sweeping; Etching 16"x18"



The Calling of Saint Matthew, created by Caravaggio in the Baroque style is one of the paintings I like :slight_smile:


St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church IV, Glazing; Coloured Etching 16"x18"



St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church V, Clearing the Rubble, Etching 16"x18"



St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church VI, Mending Vestments; Coloured Etching



St. Francis Restores the Neglected Church VII, High Altitude Maintenance, Etching 16"x18"


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