Any Catholic artwork you like?


Statue of St Peter in Westminster Cathedral


My absolute favourite painting of the Blessed Mother and Infant Jesus is L’innocence by Bouguereau


From the Way of the Cross in Lourdes .





Statue of Our Lady of Westminster in Westminster Cathedral



I did a little research on Rembrandt and his mother was Catholic and his father was Reformed Dutch Protestant. I think he identified more as a protestant, but to me he paints like a Catholic, or in this case, etches like a Catholic. This print is amazing in real life. If it’s not Catholic, then I’m baptizing it Catholic. :sunglasses:


I was in here today . It’s St Mary’s in Manchester , in the city centre , a small church tucked away in a side street , referred to as The Hidden Gem .



I did some digging on this image and could also find nothing. I see it is being used regularly on church websites and publications. Since the artist has not made the effort to copyright or publish, I think it is okay to use it freely. There are larger images with more of the hands in the picture. Thank you for trying to do the right thing.


Some of the Stations of the Cross in the Hidden Gem . Not to my liking .


Christ in the Wilderness, 1898, by Briton Riviere


The Annunciation; 1898 Henry Ossawa Tanner


The Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sacre Coeur , Paris





What’s the name of the bottom one?


Isin’t the FSSP trying to buy this?


I don’t know .


Tanner wasn’t Catholic, his dad was a leading Methodist bishop.


It’s called “The First Mass”


In the Holy Ghost Chapel , Walsingham .

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