Any Catholic artwork you like?


I once saw a painting of Abraham being blessed by Malchezediek.

I’ve also saw paintings of St. Ferdinand III with his military leaders riding into Seville (I think it was Seville). This portrayed the retaking of the city from the Muslims after hundreds of years of occupation.


This is a very famous painting due to way it handles Mary and presents here as a young Jewish girl (as she of course was) and in that respect it breaks with some traditions of how she is handled in religious artwork.


This doesn’t need to be adorned by any artwork It speaks for itself .

The cachot (former prison) in Lourdes where Bernadette and her family lived at the time of the apparitions .



I have a copy in my studio that I took out of one of those calendars they give away each year at church. I think it’s a beautiful expression of the Annunciation.


It is, it also very famous for attempting to render Mary in a more naturalistic style as a young girl of her era. It’s often cited in histories of religious art for that reason. I first ran across it in a Taschen book years ago.


Saint Anne Leading Our Lady To The Temple by Jacques Stella


Crucifix in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral .



Corpus Christi Carpet of Flowers at Arundel Cathedral in the south of England .


This church as a whole is one big piece of Catholic artwork . The Jesuit church of St Wilfrid’s , Preston .

I know of no church as beautiful .



A statue of Father James Nugent in St John’s Gardens in Liverpool .


The statue of Cardinal Basil Hume , Archbishop of Westminster 1976-1999 , was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II on May 7th 2002 in the year of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee.


A new apse fresco, the work of the young artist Manuel Farrugia , recently done in Paola, in Malta .


A statue of St Joan of Arc in Orleans where we stayed once overnight on our way to Lourdes . I was glad to get a photo for my cousin Joan .



Near the Tyburn Convent in London where many martyrs met their death .



A painting of St Francis Xavier in Stonyhurst College , Lancashire .



Container for a relic of St Simon Stock at Aylesford Priory in Kent .


St Joseph’s Chapel , Aylesford Priory , Kent .


Chapel of the English Martyrs Aylesford Priory in Kent


Our Lady’s statue in Aylesford Priory , Kent .

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