Any Catholic artwork you like?


Some of the pictures of the mysteries of the Rosary in the rose garden of Aylesford Priory , Kent .




I was here this morning . . . . . .the Hidden Gem in Manchester city centre , St Mary’s church .



St Winifred’s Well at Holywell in Wales .


Holy-Face-Of-Jesus the Holy Face of Jesus.


Ladyewell at Fernyhalgh .


A sketch of the well at Ladyewell shown in the above post .


A Celtic cross on the Isle of Iona .



St John’s Cross on Iona .


Statue of Pope John XXIII in Sofia , Bulgaria ,.


I’ve become increasingly interested in Catholic memento mori art. This one is called In Ictu Oculi (In the Blink of an Eye) by Spanish Baroque artist Juan de Valdés Leal. It is dated to 1670-72, and was commissioned by the Brotherhood of Charity lay confraternity for the Hospital de la Caridad Seville, a resting place for the old and a burial ground for paupers.

The skeleton is a personification of death. He holds a coffin under his arm and a scythe in his hand as one foot treads upon a celestial sphere. He stands before various symbols of wealth, power and learning, including scrolls and letters, the globe, jewelry, a crown, velvet purple and white royal, clerical robes, and some arms. Death extinguishes a candle - the representation of the briefness of life which both lasts and can be ended “In the blink of an eye”.


Several have mentioned Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son. Henri Nouwen wrote a book about his reflections on both the painting and on the scripture passage it is from. Book title is “The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming “. Beautiful. Highly recommended.


Leonard Porter St. Thérèse of Lisieux 2008 Oil on Linen, 30 x 24 inches.




St. Pius V and St. Charles Borromeo defending Catholicism from Islam and the Protestant heresy.
Giovanni Gasparo, 2017


Herbert Schmalz: “Return from Calvary”


I like that St. Francis has a cat supervising his work.
Edited to add, I see he has a dog too in some of the pictures.


Rembrandt didn’t formally belong to any church himself. He had his children baptized in the Dutch Reformed church.


In the Lourdes Rosary Basilica .


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