Any Catholic artwork you like?


Inside Arundel Cathedral .



That is pretty bright.


Inside Galway Cathedral .


The entrance to Holy Cross Mausoleum, Culver City, CA


Methodist grandmother had that same picture, Road to Emmaus


Michelangelo is pretty good. :wink:



Inside Cobh Cathedral Ireland .


I know nothing of Adolphe Jourdan’s religion , but his painting of the Madonna and Child is one of the best .


Sts. Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Cathedral Harissa, Lebanon


In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre , Jerusalem .


My favorite painting is of Divine Mercy, painted by Kathleen Weber. It is her version of Adolph Hyla’s Divine Mercy painting. It hangs in my bedroom so that I can see Christ’s face before I fall asleep. I also say the Divine Mercy chaplet while kneeling before the painting.



My favorite by Andersen. My aunt had a copy of this hanging in her dining room. It was the first piece of art I actual remember liking and I would look at it every time we visited.

Again, not Catholic, but worth mentioning.


This window is in St Wilfrid’s church in Preston.




Inside Strasbourg Cathedral .


Inside Cologne Cathedral is the Shrine of the Magi or the Shrine of the Three Kings . It is a reliquary said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi, also known as the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men.It is the largest, most artistically significant, and, in terms of its content, most ambitious reliquary of the Middle Ages. The relics were brought to Cologne from Milan in 1164. From about 1190 to 1220 a number of artisans worked on the shrine in the workshop of the goldsmith Nicholas of Verdun and in workshops in Cologne and along the river Meuse that continued his work.

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