Any [Catholic Priests] here?


If any read this post, please PM me. I could use your insight and assistance.




God bless! Welcome to the fourms :partying_face: And we do have a few preists on here, as the user above me tagged 3.


Well honestly, we all could use it, but i am not sure it is fair to call on them in this manner. You are seeking private insight on a public forum. I think many times that people @ them and expect them to drop what they are doing and answer. If they are here, they will most likely see the thread and respond if they choose. This is not their job. Why not ask your parish or other priest in real life?


I think to comment like this is to misunderstand the Priesthood. They are given a blessed position, but they aren’t some unreachable transcendent beings. In fact, one could argue that talking to nobodies like me is the very essence of Priesthood. After all, Christ himself did as such, would not his most beloved do the same? For reference, one did reach out to me through this thread. I don’t expect them to respond frequently, but I still message them with the utmost confidence that they will hear me.

God Bless.


You’re not a nobody, priests are not necessarily Christ’s “most beloved”, and what about the needs of the people of their parish? Should priests ignore the people around them in favor of being online? Talking to people about Christ is part of the priesthood, but not its essence: the essence of the priesthood is to be an Alter Christus – another Christ, bringing the Sacraments to others.


I’m glad you heard back from one of them, but this should not substitute talking to your own pastor or developing a relationship with a sprititual director IRL.


It’s not that you’re a nobody or that priests are so exalted that you’re unworthy to speak to them. It’s just that the priests who post here presumably also have full time jobs, and this is a side interest. There’s nothing wrong with contacting someone on CAF, but it shouldn’t be your primary go-to. Your first option should be to talk to your own pastor.

That said, I totally reached out directly to a priest here, so pot-kettle.


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