Any Catholic Rock Bands?

ok im a gril that likes to listen to rock music and i would love to listen to some catholic rock bands i mean i listen to christian bands such as Stellar Kart,Kutless,Fireflight, ect. but i dont really know any catholic. if u know any bands plz let me know thx!:smiley:

There are a lot of Catholic Rock bands my favorite being The Thirsting.
A very good source for finding out Catholic rock bands is the Catholic Rockers podcast hosted by George Leite. This link is:

Also go to for other great catholic podcasts.

thx ill check them out:D


I just saw your question. Welcome to the forum.
My college friend introduced me to the music of a band named Katholicus, and these guys ROCK!
Wow! The guitar work is amazing, the lyrics are great and bolster me in my Catholic faith, and the melodies are catchy and stay with me all the time. They should be on Christian radio with the top Christian rock groups.
They were chosen to be on a compilation of the best of new Catholic music CD called “Rocking Romans.” You should check their website: You can also order from their “store” link. That’s where I got their latest cd.

Their latest CD, “Arise!” is the best of any Catholic rock I’ve heard (and I’ve listened to plenty like Rise, Critical Mass, Last Day, Seven Sorrows). More Catholics need to know that there are definitely Catholic rock bands out there, they just don’t receive the publicity they deserve.

God bless

thx ill check them out:thumbsup:

We are proud to be selling Katholicus’ Arise! CD on our site, along with offering individual MP3 song files and digital CD download options for all of the music on our site at

As for some of the best Catholic rock in the world, I might recommend additional groups to consider such as SALT out of Malta, Metatrone out of Italy, Spacymen from France, Stragglers Plea out of New Hampshire, and Pointe Blank out of Massachusetts. We currently offer Catholic Rock Music from Katholicus, Last Day, Critical Mass, Pointe Blank, and Stragglers Plea and are going to be reaching out to the international groups soon to add them to our line up of the world’s best Catholic artists.

It’s exciting to hear of your interest in the rapidly developing area of Catholic Music!

God Bless,

Rocking Romans

Dear ***OCEAN***heart!

I respectively submit my band, Living WATERS!!! We’ve been a Catholic band since 1976. One of our songs was personally blessed by St. John Paul II. We just released a brand new single - we are STILL making NEW music. Please, honor us with your attention.

Mark LaJOIE!

I know this was posted quite a while ago, but for anyone who sees this again…
Matt Maher is also a great Catholic singer!! :thumbsup:

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