Any Catholic self help books on recovery from childhood and adult sexual assault?

I am seeking very specific self-help or informative books that are truly Catholic teachings, on how to overcome the negative outcomes of being sexually assaulted as both a child and as an adult.

I am not interested in anything that is not Catholic teachings.

Please feel free to PM me with ideas and suggestions as well as post here.

There are many self-help books out there, but I truly want only christ-centered books.

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A search engine visit pulls up no sources from Catholic publishing companies.

Nothing goes against Catholic teaching unless the Church expressly states so. I haven’t read it in years, but I cannot remember Secret Survivors containing anything anti-Catholic. I hope you aren’t completely closed to secular sources because they can contain a wealth of helpful information.

Barring that, you can head to to find a qualified mental health professional of our faith.

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I’d begin with Fr Groeschel for the general question of evil

Next, contact your Diocese office of Children and Youth Protection, that office will have resources.


Self help books that are not Catholic take ones eyes off of Christ and place them onto the self.

There is no mention of Christ in non Catholic books, so I avoid them.

In these books, there is the total exclusion of God.

It is about making yourself your own God, by the focus being that you achieve by doing everything yourself, no need for any help from the Lord.

Its subtle and insidious, this re-working of ones view point onto not praying or seeking the Lord Jesus for answers.

My priest gave me some books to read on the virtues, and directed me to focus on the virtues and to become a virtuous woman.

Focusing on my relation ship with the Lord and the Precious blood of Jesus, the sacraments and adoration will bring healing for any sufferings.

Plus accepting sufferings as necessary for this life as well and offering it up.

People who did evil to me are accountable to God, and my job is to pray for them and their conversion.

That is totally the opposite of what most self help books give to you, so I will trust my priest to know exactly what to do to get more healing.

God bless you all and thanks for your ideas.

There is one profound line in the Lord’s prayer when we tell him to forgive us, in exactly the same way as we forgive others.

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Thank you @TheLittleLady, very helpful and kind of you.

Have a blessed day

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