Any Catholic teens here?


I’m one at least. I know there are many of us here and there but I was wondering if there was a way to have a communication with each other as a whole. I’d love to hear about other young people’s encounters with Christ as well as share my own experiences, not that they’re anything extravagant. I’ve just been taking my faith more seriously and thought it would be interesting to hear other people around my age’s stories (I’m in HS btw) and meet more brothers and sisters in Christ that I might relate with. Idk I’d like to think there are others who feel the same way.


I’m a teen (freshman in college) aspiring to be Catholic. Feel free to PM me if you’d like, but since college is just starting up for me and so my next few days (possibly weeks) will be busy, I might not be as active.


Also one of the main things that inspired me to seek out fellow Catholics was this retreat I went on that really emphasized the community aspect of being Christian, and I can tell the experience really had an affect on many of us. It was a beautiful thing that, while far from perfect, allowed me to experience just a slight glimmer of what a loving, affirming, closely bond body of Christ might look and be like. And the idea of having something like that with others here just seemed right :sweat_smile:


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That makes it a total of four.


I’m just an adult… not a young adult and not middle aged or older…




I’m sure there are more


Hello :smiley:

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Here I am.


You could ask about starting a group where just teens can interact. Ask a moderator how to do this.


Woah perfect here you guys are. I don’t really know any mods or how to set up what @Horton was talking about but I think that sounds great. Would any of you be down with a group thing and/or have access to a mod to help with it?



Is who you need to talk to.




Welp, I got word back that this topic itself functions as said group. So… hey everyone :grin:

I have no idea where to go from here now in all honesty, but I guess I could leave the floor open for any discussion about experiences any of you have had as a teen Catholic. And if no one says anything then I’ll go. Im praying that this is all fruitful though…

ALSO I’M JUST GONNA SAY THIS HERE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I CAN’T EDIT THE ORIGINAL POST BUT if you’re not a teenager then that’s fine haha I’m not planning on strictly enforcing it. If you aren’t, however, I’d love to hear your insight as a Catholic when you were a teen, just so that there’s still a focus on that aspect, because I really do feel that it’s a much different experience. Also it’d be neat to see the differences from then and today.


Being a Catholic teenager is hard


Hah. That’s why I did this. So that we could find others to be united with as a community. Others as passionate about Our Lord, and if they aren’t then I want this to be a place where those people can understand why we would be (especially considering the current climate).

What exactly about being a Catholic teenager strikes you as being challenging?


What is challenging is trying to find others with the same convictions :grimacing:


Agreed. Very much agreed.

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