Any Catholics here that know about the two babylons book/how do you refute?

The book by Alexander Hislop.

Did somebody recommend you read it?

He was a renowned Freemason.
Nothing for a Catholic to learn there.

Someone online posted the image of the book at least twice. A Pastor of my own race. I would like to learn how to refute this book’s claims.

Where do you get the belief that he was a Freemason? :sunflower::slight_smile:

If you want to refute something I suggest you read it yourself before you do that. Do home work before you start discussions like that.

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Yes…some wrote a book to refute…

Also look for an article on CRI, refuting Hislop.

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What does this have to do with your question? Are you merely shocked?

Google is your friend.

No. I’ll p.m. you why.

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