Any Catholics who listen to dance or trance music?

(What a lot of people mistakenly IMO call “techno”)

I love it!

Just wondering. It seems like most people who listen to it are atheists or agnostics, so it’s a bit disheartening for me finding a like-minded fan of the music.

Sure, I listen to it some, but I’m agnostic :smiley:

Isn’t it nice we have some things in common? :wink:

I do listen to trance. I like Euro-trance more. I’ve also written or composed couple of trance tracks myself. I like trance melody to be dark and mysterious and uplifting. Talking about lifting melody, I went to a trance club in Hong Kong. Man, it was off the hook. I thought I was using estacy or something. Wanna check it out? Send me a private msg. By the way, I’m Catholic to the core.


ewww… no. i always need an aspirin after i hear it.

I like eurodance / italian disco

I used to listen to Drum & Bass, Trip Hop, some GOA trance, Breakbeat but not house or “real” trance – I always hated what I heard here in the states as it just sounded kind of…well, not my style.

The interest sort of faded but I still have a bunch of CDs from the late 90’s…

I’m almost all Classical now, with an occasional check in to a classic rock station and alternative.

I’ll check it out, but am more into heavy metal and my favorite song is “Highway to Hell”.

the singer of ac/dc makes me need aspirin too. heh.

how about some creed, aerosmith, or ozz?

I listen to VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Seabound, and Stromkern. and other generalized gothy futurepop. I’ve been listening to it (and dancing to it) for years.

I’m Catholic.

I’m not really sure what is dance, trance, electronica, or techno.

Here is some of what I’ve enjoyed over the years. What do you call it?


Front 242 (This might even be the concert I went to in 1990)


Benny Benassi

Industrial and electroclash! :smiley:

Have you heard any of these?
Einsturzende Neubauten
Throbbing Gristle
Nurse With Wound

If not, you might wanna check them out :slight_smile:

Qntal. Cruxshadows. That’s about it. I like my music more organic-sounding.

:eek: I thought I’d be the only one!

Some for you: Tanzwut, Subway to Sally (Ingo did the Winterborn remix on that one CXS album), Death in June, Legendary Pink Dots, Deine Lakaien, Project Pitchfork :slight_smile: You’ve probably already heard a couple of these, but just in case…

Isn’t Deine Lakaien the band that did the album that was just remix versions of national anthems, or was that Laibach? It was one of the two.

That would be Laibach (and they do the Vatican anthem too!) :slight_smile: Deine Lakaien is kind of Qntal’s even-more-arty-fruity little brother with more of a taste for Kraftwerk.

Also, a recommendation for fans of either Laibach or Kraftwerk or both – KOMPRESSOR IN ACTION. This is what happened to The Girl From Ipanema.

I do. Dance, techno, trance… It’s my favorite kind of music :smiley:

My 50 -something Catholic mum loves this sort of music, and will always have it on in the car. I find it gives me a headache after a while…wait a minute.that is the wrong way round generationally speaking, surely.

I forgot-
Project Pitchfork
And One
Chemical Brothers
This Morn 'Omina
Nitzer Ebb
Front Line Assembly

VNV Nation does a fantastic concert. I saw them and… drat… did Floorkiller… Icon of Coil. Here’s the link for Chrome, which is a very fun song to dance to- it seems to be only music, no video. Here’s Hooked, by Seabound, same deal

I used to despise Futurepop back in the day for ruining the industrial/ebm genre as we knew it. :stuck_out_tongue: It was soooo disappointing to me that VNV was getting more spin time than VAC.

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