Any chance my friend was saved from hell?

We all know Mortal Sin is the dead of the the soul.

I have a friend who died in a motorcycle accident instantly few years ago. He had a mortal sin of fornication and watching pornography, and he was consent it was sinful and in his own will proceeded to watch porn and have sex with his girlfriend but he never got the chance to confess. But he was a guy who had very strong faith in Jesus Christ and believe in him and accepted him as hes lord and savior. Before hes death, he wanted to go back to god and followed hes path and confess. In some ocassion I heard him say without me knowing I was there “Jesus I need you, I give you authority to enter my heart and control my life your way”, but again he never got to confess hes sins to a priest and died instantly in mortal sin without having the chance to repent in hes last seconds.

We dont know…if he repented before death, in his heart. And if he repented in his last seconds. God might give enough contrition to a soul even in the last second before death, if they accept it. A miracle can happen. There was a story of a woman who died with perfect contrition though she lived a very sinful life, and this even took away a part of her purgatory, and later this was revealed to someone… she had prayed to Our Lady for help. I think the story is in St Alphonsus Liguori’s book “Glories of Mary”. The idea is that people die basically how they live - but we should pray for the dying so that miracles can happen. We should never presume to sin though, thinking we “would repent”.

We also don’t know if he intended to confess and never got the chance. I’m sorry about what happened :frowning: pray for him… I’ll pray for him too. I don’t think we can really answer this question, - God knows.

As for dying instantly: we also don’t know if he died instantly or if there were a few seconds, after he was no longer responsive or conscious. We also dont know his thinking moments before this, or that day, etc.

God bless

:thumbsup: I think this is a great answer and I to will pray for your friend.

My father was an atheist when he stopped breathing due to double pneumonia - he was declared dead for 4 minutes, then revived. He came back a Christian!!! He met Jesus and talked with Him, then was sent back to complete his life.

So, it could be that the dying are met, and given a last chance.

I have honestly always hoped this is the case with all my heart; but I do not rely on it. I’d rather do my best and be pleasantly surprised than rely on this and be disappointed.

To the OP, there is always Hope; but we cannot know your friend’s heart, so we cannot say. I pray that he is with God though.

Anecdotes like this give me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing! :getholy:


We cannot judge your friend’s soul. I do not know where he ended up, nor does anyone here on earth. I do believe that God is loving and merciful. Pray for your friend. That is the best thing you can do. Pray for him, that God is merciful and that you are able to see each other in heaven

If he repented then he may be in heaven. We can never know for sure. Do not assume your friend is in hell because if do the devil will use that as an opening to destroy you

Right, we don’t know, for sure. But God has more mercy then we understand. Your friend knew what sin is, and he had a strong faith, what he did was wrong, but the fact that he had faith and knew can in my mind be enough to be saved from hell.

We should not sin, and we should not die before confession, but only God know when our time to depart from this world comes. And that mean that God will, and I so hope I am right, forgive our sins, out of mercy. That is the only thing we can hold on to, that and a prayer. But we believe in a God who forgive and forget, and with that hope we live.

And I am so sorry for your loss. It is always hard to face death, and the younger the person is, the harder it is. But he has no pain, no sorrow, anymore. He is in peace because I believe that God don’t take any life back without forgiving the sins of the person. I know many are against my thoughts, they are maybe not what you would wait to hear from a devoted Catholic as I am, but that is how I see it. I think your friend is OK.

None of us will ever know the answer to that question until we, ourselves stand in judgement before God Almighty. pray for your friend and for all those who have no one to pray for them that may be languishing in Purgatory. We freely choose heaven or hell. God does not "send " people to hell. The choice is individual. I had a friend who had several abortions in her life for which she never repented. As she was dying, I asked her if she had asked God for forgiveness for all her sins and she said ‘yes’. I continue to pray for her today.

Are you saying that you believe all people go to Heaven? If so this is universalism and is a false doctrine.

Yes, there is a chance. But we cannot give you certitude. Pray for your friend and for the repose of his soul, that God may assist him with whatever graces or sacraments he was lacking before his death.

I will keep your friend in my prayers. May he rest in peace.

The moment of death is a mystery. The church has said that at death, then judgement, but the
church has never said exactly when death occurs. Even after apparent death, noone knows because so many parts of the body are still living, it is not known when the soul leaves or what kind of conscienciousness the person still has for a while. So it seems that in some cases, a person could still have a chance to love God and repent. Each case might be different depending on the reason for death and of course God’s will.

There was a mystic called Maria Simma who had the gift of communicating with the poor souls
in purgatory. She seems to have the ability to inquire about the condition of people who had
died. They also spoke to her of other matters as well. One of the things she was told was:

“The souls have told me that every person has the same opportunity at death to say ‘yes’ in
the last moment.” Whether it was a quick or slow death, “they still all get the same two to
three minutes to say ‘yes’ to God. And only if they hold on to their ‘no’ all the way through
are they then lost and must suffer Hell eternally”

She then goes on, “This is another reason that we may never judge someone or guess about
where they ended up. We never see exactly what happens between the soul and God in
those moments, even though we can witness relative peace or the lack of it at the deathbed.”

From Maria Simma, “Get Us Out Of Here”, p.122

Holly, I say that I believe God will save those who not have time to repent nor confess before they die. I am aware of the fact that it is not in line with the teaching of RCC but there are so many things we don’t know. Hence, we need to have faith in God and trust that He is clement and forgiving. I do not think that is to much to hope for.

Think about this, a plane full of people explode in mid-air. Many have sin, and are ready to confess as soon as they can. But they can not choose the moment of death (can anyone?) and I am sure God forgive them. Or someone on his/hers way to Church a Sunday morning die, will God throw that person in burning hell just because he/she did happen to die on a untimely moment. I don’t know why God let some people die and some people to live on, but how can we live on without a hope that if we die “to early” meaning before we confess a sin or two because then all what we would do is spending 24/7 in the confession-booth.

In a perfect world we would not have a thing to worry about, and maybe not sin ever, but we made Gods perfect work to the world we now live in. The Church must have some guide-lines, but not forget what it is all about, namely mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love. Exluding theese elements there simply would be no hope what so ever. With faith there is no certain “yes” or “no”, only “hope”, and if we take away hope, we also take away life. Could you live in a black and white world?

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