Any child abuse cases in orthodoxy?


Orthodox use that against the Church to show it is corrupt. but do orthodox have any dirt?


Yes, I have read of a few. Don’t remember any details.


Every type of organization that has contact with children, incl. schools (public or private), families, churches, scouts, you-name-it has the potential for abuse. And, where there is potential, you will find incidences of abuse. The media has blown up the Catholic scandals to the point where many are led to believe the Catholic Church is wholly corrupt. Shall we also do that to our brethren in other churches? Let’s take the high road and search it out and rout it out in the areas that touch our own lives (our own churches, families and neighborhood schools), before we start pointing fingers beyond.


A case in point, a few years back I saw a news article.

Headline in 1-inch text. “2 priests caught in child pornography sting.”

In the body of the 12 point text: “…568 people were indicted in FBI child pornography sting…28 school teachers…12 law enforcement officials…4 protestant ministers…3 rabbi’s etc…”

I remember the 2, 3 and 4 for sure. I do not remember the exact numbers for the total and the other categories but these numbers are “directionally correct.”

From a “grouping” standpoint the catholic priests represented the smallest sub segment of the indicted population, but they get the headline.

I guess I should take solace in the fact that apparently catholic priests are expected to live to a higher standard than the rest of the worlds population and it is more shocking and therefore more news worthy when a few do not.



google “sexual abuse protestant churches”

The Catholic Church was headlined because she is the largest organization and perceived to have deep pockets and because so many are unable to live by her preceptsbased on timeless truths.


Why would they need websites like that?


In a child safety meeting that all catechist must take in our Archdiocese, statistics showed that abuse occured in all of the different denominations with about the same percentages. The Catholic Church is just targeted by the media more than the others because it is centralized.

It doesn’t make what has happened right, but the blame is not totally on the Church itself when other denominations have just as much to be ashamed of.


My understanding is that the Orthodox don’t throw it in our face because they don’t also have offenders but because they handled it better. I believe that they are the only Christian sect that pretty much had full discloser right up front. Actually, I think I remember seeing a website where they strait up state the situations that have occurred. I might be wrong on that though.


Where have you seen this?

On the CAF boards? I have been posting here a long time and I don’t recall seeing this charge. If it has happened I am profoundly sorry. :frowning:

Why, pray tell, would you need “dirt”? To discredit Holy Orthodoxy in turn?

We have to stop thinking of each other as rivals. I know that this is going to be difficult for all of us, but the focus needs to be on finding a way to become closer in Christ, not more ways to rip each other to shreds.

Sure we have disagreements, these need to be discussed openly and intelligently. It happens at a much higher level, it can conceivably happen here too.



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