Any conversions due to EWTN?

Does anyone know of any conversions to the Catholic Church that can be attributed to EWTN? How about any stories of protestants, agnostics, atheists, or folks from other religions that have had a turnabout in their opinions of Catholics as a result of watching EWTN? I have enjoyed EWTN (especially Father Rutler, who sadly no longer has a show) But was wondering how well the network was at evangelizing. Thoughts? Stories? :popcorn:

I was converted in part due to watching EWTN. This was in 2001-2002 that my wife and I discovered EWTN after getting cable TV. We were both Pentecostal before that.

Can’t answer your question specifically but EWTN has such a large presence that I’m sure many have come to the Catholic Church through them. However I wanted to inform you, if you did not know already, that you can hear Father Rutler’s homilies here…

And sign up for his weekly column here…

EWTN launched a radio apostalate in Southern Maine at the same time I was searching through the unnecessarily bulbous number of denominations available, the arguments of catholic historicity are largely why I am not a baptist or episcopalian today.

My mom watches it…I never did…but she left it on after she left my apartment one day (that’s a Mexican mama for you haha) and I swear I sat there and watched it for about an hour when i turned it back on thenext day…now I watch it regularly. I really appreciate the programming and love the open messages. So you can say it helped a bad catholic become a better catholic…nah still pretty bad hahaha.

I was surfing channels and came upon a nun wearing an eye patch. At first I thought it was some kind of joke so kept it on to watch and it was, of course, Mother Angelica. She was so interesting and sincere that I watched the entire show and then later kept tuning into EWTN to see what else was on. I learned so many things from watching EWTN and then went on to reading Catholic books that were recommended there. I became Catholic in 2006.

I cannot attribute my conversion solely to EWTN, but this entity did play a large part in aiding my conversion. I came into the Church during Easter Vigil 2011 and was out of work from the second week of January 2011 through the week preceding Holy Week. Every day during that period I spent a few hours every day watching EWTN and it was immensely helpful. Part of my daily routine was watching the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Reflections with Fr. Leo Clifford, I still cherish all the memories from that period in my life.

Ditto for me.

I stopped attending church (liberal protestant) when I was 14. Five years later I had a profound experience of needing to return to Jesus. In the following years I watched quite a bit of EWTN, and felt prompted to join the Catholic Church, but never did. Eventually I instead got involved with a conservative Bible church. The seeds planted while I watched EWTN must have been deep, though, because I am again considering a conversion to Catholicism. Like others who have responded to this thread, I loved the programming. it was a real comfort to me at a time in my life when I was extremely depressed and down and out. EWTN was seemingly my only hope. Mother Angelica, Father Mitch, and Father Benedict G. were major influences, as was the preaching of (Father?) John Corapi.


I don’t know how many people have converted due to EWTN, but I know many Catholics who watch it regularly and are renewed by it.

EWTN is, thanks to the grace of God, wonderfully serving the Church in many ways. We are getting from EWTN teachings and inspirations that are vital to our spiritual growth.

Yes, I subscribe to his newsletter and really enjoy them. I have also purchased the DVD of his series “Christ In The City”. I would love to attend Mass at the Church Of Our Saviour.

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