Any COURAGE members in the Michigan area?

Hi there,

I struggle with SSA (same sex attraction) and sure could use similar friends in the southeast, Michigan area.

Anyone out there?

It’s tough enough living a Christian life, but when you add SSA on top of it and the fact you have no acceptable sexual outlet, it’s all the more difficult.

Hope to hear from someone.


(PS: I know that there is a Courage chapter in my area, but I am awaiting to attend my first meeting, which should be soon).

First off, I want to commend you for striving to live according to God’s will and not giving in to our society. I pray that God bless you with abundant grace and peace in your struggle.

I know that there are COURAGE members here on the forums, but I don’t think there are a ton. You’d probably have better luck finding some people to get in touch with in your area by going to the official COURAGE forum.

Either way, I hope that you are successful in your search, and again pray for your strength and perseverance.

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