Any Cradle Reverts?


I was baptised as an infant but not brought up in the faith, then 4 decades later came back to the faith, since then I have been confirmed and wouldn’t miss mass for the life of me.

I’m the only one in my family to come back to the church, many were confirmed but left later.


GOD BLESS YOU and SO GLAD you are back home.


That’s about my experience. I didn’t care much about religion growing up, though kept feeling tugs to become spiritual- often for earthly reasons, though. I began to warm up to faith again towards the end of high school, but didn’t act on it until I got to college. It’s almost three years now since I reverted.


I’m notching up ten years almost will be here by the grace of God TIL my last breath, happy but sad for the rest of my family who don’t know what they have given up. Some are into new age stuff.


Keep praying for them, miracles still do happen.


yes, I know many, I am one myself.


Don’t just be sad for your family members, pray for them daily, set a good example.


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