Any Cursillistas here?


Anyone here ever attend a Cursillo?


No, but a co-worker went this weekend to one in Louisiana. He’s had a lot of problems in his life, and hopefully this will help him. I’m do to go to an “Acts” retreat next month in Texas.

How was your Cursilla (sic?)



I made my Cursillo in the Erie (PA) Diocese way back in the autumn of 1979.



[quote=cajun-catholic]Anyone here ever attend a Cursillo?

De Colores #736


[quote=cajun-catholic]Anyone here ever attend a Cursillo?

De Colores, Minnesota #127


De Colores!!

I lived my weekend July of 2004 Womens group #21.

I floated for weeks, elevated by the intense love of the Holy Spirit and totally on FIRE to bring that back to my parish.


Yes, I made Women’s Cursillo #48 in Jacksonville Florida in 1989. De Colores! Cursillo was a beginning for me. It showed me I needed an adult faith.

I now participate in the Neocatechumenal Way (which was founded by someone who made a Cursillo).



i made mine in 1981 or so in san diego.

i don’t participate, my divorce /annullment kind of knocked the wind out of me.

it’s one of the best experiences life has to offer. i remember it like yesterday.


De Colores!!

Womens Fall '97, Women’s Team '01

And the Bishop is going to be the spiritual director for this coming fall weekend!

Hey maybe we need to keep up with some internet palanca?


What is a cursillo?


It’s a retreat made on a long weekend. Cursillo means something like little school. It was begun in Spain. The focus is on evangelization from where you are-work, vocation, whatever.

No big serious theology involved, but very useful. Stresses the need to group and share faith on a regular basis.

I think prots have a similar program but theirs is called Walk to Emmaus.

Some people really get involved and some just enjoy their weekend and move on. It has some secret elements that I thought sounded like I needed a secret handshake, but it’s just a little surprise at the end, no big deal. My dh thought I would come home and sell flowers at the airport.

Only on Tues.

[quote=Andrew_11]What is a cursillo?


Yes, I made mine in Spring 2001 in Oregon Illinois. It was simply life changing and has put me back on the road to God. I would highly suggest it.


PJR, an internet Palanca sounds like a wonderful idea. Maybe you would like to pursue this great idea and post it for us.

COUNT ME IN :thumbsup:


What about the secret handshake? Would we be giving too much away?

I am ducking that request huh? OK but give some ideas.

[quote=mkw]PJR, an internet Palanca sounds like a wonderful idea. Maybe you would like to pursue this great idea and post it for us.

COUNT ME IN :thumbsup:


De Colores #38 – Quincy, IL

Man, talk about something that completely changed my life!!

It was nearly twenty years ago but is still in a very special place in my heart, mind, soul and body!

The person(s) who started that should be made Saints!


I made Cursillo one year ago, on Pentecost weekend. Like most of you here, it drastically changed my life. Two of my co-workers made their Cursillo this past week end in Lousisana. Upon return, they both said works can not describe what the experiance was like. I was curious if there were any more Cursillistas on this site. I never seem to see it mentioned on any post.

Thanks for the feed back.


I made #172 in Quincy, Illinois. It must be about 5 years ago or so (can’t remember). It did help me to feel closer to Christ.
I did not stay with it (what they call 4th day). I did for a while. And I did go to some events.
I recently went back for a weekend to support a friend going through a weekend. I was so upset that I will never go back. It was all about a “feel good” get together. During Mass, while Jesus was present on the altar, everyone was walking around chit-chatting about this or that during the sign of peace. Then when I am accustomed to kneel before my Lord before communion, everyone continued to stand, even though the church had kneelers.
I found a web address for it. You could do a google search for more.
I don’t think the reverence is present in the Cursillo movement and I hunger for that.


1987 or 1988 in Sterling, IL.


I made mine in 1985. Dont remember the exact date… But my life changed when I found myself in deep trouble and I started attending prayer meetings. I went through a Life in the Spirit seminar. I thank the charismatic renewal for getting me to read more scripture and I thank the cursillo because there I met my wife. She was working the youth and her sister asked me if I wanted to help her and the rest is a great story…:love:


The ending isn’t a surprise, it’s merely a lively Mass. I thought it was great - I wish all Masses … well, not all, I wish we had one like that every now and then. But I would encourage anyone to make a Cursillo if they have the opportunity – it’s an active-retreat that brings home some of the very basic … a study course for adults or for those who have been away from school for some time. I really liked it.

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