Any Dark Tower fans?

I’m reading Wolves of the Calla right now, about a fourth of the way through and it’s very exciting. Any other Dark Tower fans here? Favorite book of the series? Favorite character? Mine’s Cuthbert. :slight_smile: Oh, and Blaine the Mono.

No one wants to palaver?

I WAS a fan. Now I’m just a grumpy old grumbler.

I was a big fan until the last one. I will not play spoiler on the ending except to say I hated it.

It seems like everyone hated it! I kind of know the ending. I know it’s not going to be a big revelation. Wonder why King did that? Do you think you would have liked the series better if you had gone into it knowing the ending?

If I had known how pointless the ending was, I would not have read it.

But the journey is the destination, right?? :smiley:

I like my crises resolved in sixty minutes and my fiction leaving me feel good. I always like right to triumph over wrong and books (and movies) to reach a conclusion.

I really liked the series through the 4th book. The Wizard and Glass was by far, the best in the series. The 5th book was ok, nothing really happened at all until the very end. Poor pacing, IMO. The 6th book was a little worse and I got about a third of the way through the last book before I just quit reading it. It seemed that every chapter had a new deus ex machina to deal with.

I think they were BRILLIANT up until King was hit by a car. After that they were rushed and turned more like his horror than the great story he had going.

Not only would I not have read the series knowing the ending, I will probably never read another King story again.

Although I would’ve felt a bit let down, I would have been happier if he ended it at the one spot and didn’t add the “ok, if you read any further, don’t blame me” ending & poor excuse of an epilogue or excuse or whatever he called it.

I loved the first two…by the third I was getting tired of them…they seemed to go on forever…the last two I never purchased…I’ll be “in between books” in a couple weeks…I’m rereading Raymond Feist “Riftwar/Serpent War/Conclave of Shadows” series, so maybe I’ll give the last two a shot.

I’m about to start the last book. Something tells me it will not have a happy ending or a satisfying ending. Overall I enjoyed this series.

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