Any death metal heads?

Any death metal heads at all? Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vital remains, etc. Oh, and any black metal heads or used to be? Just wanting to know. :slight_smile:
And, what’s your favorite Vital remains song if you listen to them?

why do u listen to them when they are so violently opposed to the faith of which you say you are proud?

I used to be very into Gorgoroth! :smiley:

But yes i think alot of those bands (especially Deicide:eek:) would be very against your religion

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My younger sisters used to listen to death metal… and started heading down a very bad path—drugs, alchohol, loss of faith. I noticed their attitudes shifting to irritability and callousness when they had that music blaring in their room. When I hear that kind of music, it makes me feel very unsettled and agitated inside… It just sounds so angry and vicious and not at all like how I assume God intended music to be. So, I am very wary of death metal. Not to mention that Fr. Corapi has witnessed evil doings and “satanic blessings” on this type of music before it went out to be sold.

I enjoy a few local death metal bands Red Horse and Legion :thumbsup: I am a big fan of Cradle of Filth as well

Just going to agree with the others that such music is impossible to enjoy due to its content. Frankly even if the lyrics were praising God I think it sounds worthless.

It’s been awhile, but I really enjoy some good death metal.
I used to be huge on black metal but I gave it up because it was spiritually detrimental. I had an incredibly horrifying experience with black metal once that left me in chills with a panic attack lasting over an hour. Not too long afterwards I gave the stuff up.

Oh dear, that sounds awful. Hope you’re ok now. Do you mind if I ask what the horrifying experience was? If its too personal, tell me to mind my own beeswax :wink:

I love a bit of death metal, especially the very musically technical stuff. Alot of fans of classical music find many comparisons between the two types of music. I love Nightwish but perhaps a purist would tell me thats power metal rather than death metal lol. I must agree with MarcusAndreas about black metal though. The lyrics are just too awful and, unlike death metal, theres nothing really melodious about the music its self. And Im sorry but I cannot defend bands like Cannibal Corpse. I take their lyrics with a pinch of salt, however gruesome and horrible they may be, because I really want to believe that they dont mean what they say and are only doing it for shock value, and to be fair we probably wouldnt have heard of them if it wasnt for their notoriety because, musically speaking, they’re rubbish and would have got nowhere near as famous as they are otherwise. Call me old fahioned, but I much prefer Queen lol. Now theres a bit of credibility and music genius right there :smiley:

P.S. I just re-read the first post and noticed the metion of a band which I hadnt before. Deicide? Come on dude. Seriously, I’m even less prepared to defend them than I am Canibal Corpse and cannot take what they say and do with a pinch of salt at all. Not only do they hate our Lord but they hate His animals too. For anyone whos heard of this band and their lyrics you probably know what I mean. :frowning:

i always thought the singer for deicide was such a dork for burning st. peters cross into his forehead, yeah, real evil einstein.

lol Deicide is probably the most “Real” Satanic band around even more so than Mayhem (Black Metal). Before coming back to the Church I too have experienced the Death Metal and Black Metal bug in me at times. Some of my favorites are: Obituary, Morbid Angel, Exulcerate, Debodified, Lust of Decay, Devourment…and so on. I don’t listen to death metal much anymore although I do still like to play death metal styled guitar. God Bless!

don’t worry i’m currently recording in a Catholic Death Metal band…

Thats what amuses me about anyone who thinks they’re being Satanic by wearing, or in Glen Benton’s case branding themselves with, inverted crosses. They dont realise it’s actually the cross of Saint Peter and the symbol of his martyrdom. I’ve actually tried to explain this to a few people who think they’re being all clever and controversial by wearing upside down crosses but they just look at me as if I’m the crazy one lol. You’ve got to feel sorry for them really, the poor, misguided, little darlings.

I don’t know, if I am a religion anymore. But I do love gorgoroth also. Mayhem, is good too. My favorite by mayhem, is De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Carving a Giant, is my favorite gorgoroth song. I prefer deicide over cannibal corpse though. And, Vital Remains over the other 2. my favorite Vital Remains songs are Dechristianize, or Icons of Evil.

Oh my goodness, you must be in turmoil. It was only just the other day that you were proffessing yourself to be a “Catholic and proud” on your profile. :hug1: If it were me I’d I know I’d be very upset and would want to talk it through. Wouldnt you prefer to talk about this drastic change of heart instead of Gorgoroth or Vital Remains?

I love metal… and often defend Slayer and Lamb of God (thought to be quite bad by this forum’s standards) but even I won’t go as far as to listen to things like what you’re describing here. Things that are so blatantly anti-Christian that I would feel the need to go to the nearest church Catholic or not just to pray.

I’ve listened to metal since my high school days, but I could never get into death metal. To me the growling vocals just put me off to it. I can appreciate the musicality of it all especially the stuff put out there by groups like Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir (although are they death metal or symphonic death metal as I’ve heard them described). Cannibal Corpse seems to me to aim for a sort of morbid shtick in like a B-list horror movie vein. The guy from Deicide seems like the real deal in his dedication to satanism, but there’s something about him that comes off as a weenie and I find it hard not to laugh at some of the things he says in his interviews. If you took off his spiked arm bands and got rid of the inverted cross on his forehead I could see him sitting in somebody’s basement surrounded by cans of Mt. Dew and Funyun bags playing D&D past the witching hour.

As for me I’m into thrash metal. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Anthrax in concert but blew a chance to see Slayer once. Anytime Overkill comes to Pittsburgh I’ve been there to see them. Back in October I was able to see a few of the new thrash bands out open for Overkill – Evile and Gama Bomb. If you like the early Big 4 stuff these new bands are in that sort of genre and apparently theres some sort of west coast thrash movement that imitates the old thrash “uniform” of the high top Reeboks or Chuck Taylors with jamz shorts (a la 1986 Anthrax).

One last quick note – a lot of people look at the various kinds of metal and hear nothing but noise. If you’re in the know, however, you can see great subtlety and style differences between all the different styles of metal and know that a fan of one isn’t necessarily a fan of another.


On Evile… I heard their drummer died :frowning:

Also as far as the big 4 I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve heard rumors of them touring this year. I don’t pay quite as much attention to live music as I used to but I’d love to see that.

I did a quick Google search for that, but all I could find is that their bassist died back in October 2009. Another search for “dead metal drummers” doesn’t give you much either. I don’t know what you heard but I’ll keep an eye out.

As for the Big 4 I heard they were doing one show in the U.S. somewhere out in California I believe. I don’t think they were taking the show nationwide. Somehow I suspect Metallica is the one calling all the shots on this one. Obviously they’re the biggest success out of all of them. Slayer is constantly on tour so they aren’t afraid of touring. Anthrax has been in disarray for a few years now and when they do play shows it’s mostly clubs. Megadeth has been for quite a few years now a one man band with fill ins that seem to change for every album and every tour. I imagine they don’t play places much bigger than Anthrax does.

Metallica hasn’t really seemed to do much real touring in probably a decade. They release an album and take two years off. They still have tons of fans and even among the metalheads left over from their heyday I’m not sure they’ve ever quite been forgiven.

Heck, you send them to Europe and a band like Overkill that can only get a few hundred people at a club here can pack them into soccer arenas. I’d like to see that.


Oh… it may have been the bassist but I thought I’d heard drummer.

I’d agree that Metallica is probably responsible for the lack of a real tour of the Big 4. Very sad considering the fact that anyone I know would pay to see that whatever the cost. I’d imagine it’s an ego thing. I am definitely among those that haven’t forgiven them. Specifically Lars… James had his issues and seems to be over them, Kirk still rocks and Robert is pretty cool from what I’ve seen… but Lars’ playing has been so disappointing to me lately :frowning:

It is kind of odd the difference in musical taste across the pond. America’s just too hip hop for metal lol.

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