Any devout Catholic American presidential candidates?

This may not be the best forum to ask this question, and if so, sorry in advance.

Are any presidential candidates in America devout Catholic?

Not anymore…unless you look at write-ins or tiny third parties, but then anyone is a candidate. :slight_smile:


Rick Santorum was, and Newt Gingrich was perhaps less devout than Santorum, but a practicing Catholic nonetheless.

Now they have both dropped out. And we are left with a non-practicing Christian in Obama… and a practicing Mormon in Mitt Romney.

Of course… that is if you don’t count the third parties. If you are hell-bent on finding a Catholic to vote for, I’m sure you can find at least one… if not, write one in!! :thumbsup:

Not anymore.

We are left with the choice between someone who believes he is progressing to godhood, and another who suffers from delusions that he already is…


I wish Bobby Jindahl would have run.

Ya, me. :smiley:

:smiley: That’s funny…I don’t care who ya are… :smiley:

I voted for Santorum but I think Jundahl would have been better. But I did notice that news photos of him had him looking very dark and unfriendl;y. I guess they were getting prepared in case.

LOLOL so true… so true… Well played!! :tiphat:

I don’t think Dr. Alan Keyes is running this time around, but there’s a good chance I will write him in again anyway.

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