Any Disciple fans out there?

I had the album ‘This Might Sting a Little’ for years and did not listen to it too much. I really liked the hard rock in this album and the lyrics about God! I had not followed this band much over the years. Then a good friend of mine here on CAF posted the song ‘After the World’ and I became hooked again. I have a lot of their songs on my mp3 player now and listen to them everyday.

I am a :nerd: I know (just ask my DW she will tell you), but I wanted to talk with other Disciple fans and see what they think? What do you think of their musical and lyrical maturity? Has anyone seen them live?

Just curious.

(btw, thanks Scott!)

I have heard of Disciple but never heard thier music. The reason I have heard of them is that they are on Rock for LIfe’s list of pro-life bands. You can check out the whole list of bands that are working to end abortion at I might have to check out Disciple. I will see if any of thier albums are owned by a local library.

Why do you call yourself a nerd? Surely, you can’t mean that liking music makes you a nerd. I always thought interest in music kept us from becoming old and frumpy.

:extrahappy: Yeah one person has actually heard of them!!!

If you like rock and roll music you will like Disciple. They can be “heavy” at times, but me being a HUGE rock fan, it is perfect, rock and roll and God!! Let me know if you listen to it and what you think.

I call myself a :nerd: because in the “Longest Conversation” thread in ‘Back Fence’ we joke about that there. The guy that got me interested in Disciple again is on that thread.

BTW, DW (who is on the forums as well) are from St. Louis. We both replied to your "Going to the clubs’ post. (sorry i do not recall what the title actually was)

Hello. I did not get ahold of a Disciple album (the library does not have any) but I listened to some 30-second clips of thier songs on a music-store website. It is kind of heavy for my taste. I like rock music but if it is too heavy and the lyrics are hard to understand I really cannot get into it. I like P.O.D. and that is pretty heavy but it is a different sound (kind of a rock-rap sound.) I just know I had heard of Disciple becuase thay are with Rock for Life.

Lately I mostly like dance and hip-hop music. And lighter Christian music like Amy Grant. I listen to some music with not so great lyrics but I am going to try to listen to more Christian music. I have some Catholic and Christian rap Cd’s. Father Stan Fortuna, Righteous B, L. A. Symphony, etc.

Thanks for advice on nightclubs. I might go this Friday but I might also go with someone I know from pro-life work to the Carmalite monestary Friday night. That would be a better atmosphere for me to be in right now, probably.

I’ve heard of Disciple. I love Disciple in fact. Their music is sooo cool. I love listening to it, it’s such great music, and the lyrics are awesome too. And I’ve seen them live twice, they really put on a great show! I love going to their concerts. And, they are THE nicest people too! Especially Kevin, the lead singer. He is such a great guy to talk with. :slight_smile: haha This puts me in the mood to hear some really great music…

Very cool! From all that I read about the band they are all very nice and down to earth! Their music is amazing. You can tell how they progressed and matured as a band over the years! I have about 40-50 of their songs on my mp3. I listened to 3 hours of Disciple straight today.

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