Any doctors out there?


I have a question, what are the chances of survival in a 90+ year old woman who has had a hemorrhagic stroke?

We were told that my grandmother was very ill, but we didn’t know what was exactly wrong, my parents immediately flew to Mexico to be with her. Last night I spoke with my parents and we found out that she had a hemorrhagic stroke, which makes sense since she’s been dealing with high blood pressure for a long time.

What I want to find out, if anyone can help me, is if she can recover from this? Will she need surgery, etc.? I hope she doesn’t need surgery because I don’t think that at her age she could resist it. What would be her chances of survival/recovery? Any help and all prayers would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


There are many variables that affect whether she’ll live or die and what disabilities she might have because of this. Yes, a hemorrhagic stroke is very serious, especially for a person of that age, but things like how quickly she was able to get treatment, diabetes or other serious diseases she might have, how she has been recovering so far, etc, play a role.

Ask her nurses or her doctor this question, as they are obligated to give you a straight answer based on their professional opinion from her history and how she has been recovering so far. You can find out the generalities of hemorrhagic stroke if you want, but getting the opinion of those in direct care of her will go a lot further in answering your question, specific to her.

A general statement: not everyone who has a stroke dies or has serious disability, although disability is very common. Surgery may or may not be needed, depending on the person and their specifics.

I wish you and your family strength during this difficult time.


I’m so very sorry for this difficult time, my husband and I will pray for you and your family.

My only advice is to be careful of asking for medical advice on an Internet forum. I would suggest doing as much online research you can to educate yourself, and get another opinion from another physician if that might make you fell better about your situation, and if it’s even possible given her location.

May God bless you during this trial.




After much thought, the moderation and administrative staff have decided not to allow solicitation on the forums of people with specific health concerns. While well-intentioned, it does create potentially serious problems.

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