Any Dos and Donts when trying to depict the Eden of Genesis?

I’m currently creating what could be a possible storyline for my own RPG (or at the very least, something I could sell to an RPG-making company such as Namco-Bandai or Square-Enix).

However, one of the main points in the story involves the Book of Genesis. A few hours ago, I was trying to make a sort of narrative heavily based on the Creation story and it’s this narrative that I’ll be using to explain the origin of the world my RPG is set in. (A world which happens to be none other than our own :blush: )

My question is, are there some things I should be aware about when depicting an interpretation of Genesis, even a fictional one? :confused:

Two ‘items to read’ popped into my head. The first is I seem to recall St. Augustine doing a commentary on Genesis 1-12. I think it was at the end of his “Confessions” - or at least my copy.

Next is Jeff Cavin’s Great Adventure Bible series. We started it last week in our men’s group and the first part was on Genesis 1-3. Next time is on 4-12.

I recommend these just to make sure you have a good understanding of the ‘background’ story.
The next is art. I’m not sure where you would find this – maybe your local seminary? But if you could find some art to see how artists over the years have depicted Eden.

As far as what to stay away from? I know everyone thinks of Eve and the apple – but the Bible says nothing about an apple. Yet that’s common perception and something I don’t think you need to shy away from.

The only thing whatsoever that pops into my head is this whole Lillith business.

Sorry, I guess I don’t have much to offer. Good luck though and keep me posted! I’d love to give it a whirl.

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