Any evidence in catholic tradition that the Apostle John received the sacrament of Extreme Unction?


I believe he was the only one not martyred but died of old age.

“and old age itself without any specific disease is held by all Western theologians to qualify for extreme unction”



Since you are a former Catholic who has abandoned the true Church in favor of a sect that has separated itself from the Body of Christ, would you actually accept any evidence that such a sacrament was administered to John if this was found to be the case from the writings of the early Church?


I weigh everything I learn. I want to have all info to test all things. But I can understand your doubt. I truly weigh everything I learn.


Forgive me for being skeptical…may I ask why the fascination with baptism and confirmation tonight?

What’s on your mind?


Well, like most questions I ask. They just come to my mind. Tonight (late) I was reading the Catechism and these questions came to mind.

I figure I would be interested to know the answer and perhaps others would as well. My time here will either bring me home to rome as they say - or reaffirm my decision to leave. I guess it is an ongoing or continual thing for as long as it lasts.

Most of my questions aren’t of an apologetic nature as I am not an apologist. Just a curious ex-catholic with a passion to learn and discern.


In that case, God bless on your journey of Truth, Malachi. Doubt is an integral part of any Christian’s journey here on Earth. I hope we can answer you adequately.

For the question you posed: I honestly don’t know. But the Sacrament is NOT indispensable for one’s salvation unless you are not in the state of grace while you in immediate danger of dying, so I don’t let it trouble me :slight_smile:

Can I make a suggestion? If you like reading, why don’t you read one of G. K. Chesterton’s works? You see, I was really on the brink of falling away from the Church in favor of atheism or agnosticism when I read Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. His genius of writing showed me how wrong atheism and agnosticism really are, and erased any doubt on the Catholic Church.

Info on G.K. Chesterton can be found in Wikipedia and the American Chesterton Society. Works of G.K. Chesterton can be downloaded free here (don’t worry, it’s not illegal; he died more than a half a century ago! But his words are still relevant today…). I think you can start with The Catholic Church and Conversion, although Orthodoxy is still highly recommended :thumbsup:


Just to clarify - I am not here “seeking” to come home to rome; it is just I am here because posts come up that are thought provocking. I either have to prove, disprove or accept and by doing so it will either;
1)reafirrm my decision not to be part of the RCC
2)make me reconsider
3)Make me run back

I am confident where I stand now. But always want to test ALL THINGS.

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