any ex JW here?

Well,I dont believe an active JW ,who browse this forum will answer this for me.My question is ,I have neighbors that are JWs and are very active in proselytizing.They hold binge parties frequently,including dancing and loud music ,as if there is no tomorrow.I thought this was forbidden in their religion.Am I correct or this is permissible?Any response will be apprreciated,

I have a JW friend from whom I’ve learned that they’re allowed to drink, but I think overdoing it isn’t allowed. The last I heard is that at official JW gatherings alcohol is no longer served.

They aren’t, however, allowed to smoke, celebrate birthdays, Easter, or Christmas.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

not an ex-jw, but -]i play one on tv/-] my sister is still with them.

they are not forbidden to drink, nor to dance nor to listen to loud music.

by binge, do you mean there is public, or loud drunkenness? if so, no, their faith does not find that admirable.

if not, they are just being loud - which is not a tenet of their faith. :smiley:

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thanks for te responses.they’re just loud and having a good time.Im glad they have the freedom to party,as well.:slight_smile:

Heh…don’t tell my JW aunt! :smiley: She’s…well-heeled, when it comes to getting sloshed.

I’m sure I learned most of what my JW told me about her faith over martinis :smiley:

A new definition of Irony - out of 6 siblings in my family, all but myself being JW, I am the only one that does NOT drink.:shrug:

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