Any ex-Muslims?

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but are there any other ex-Muslims on here, and if so why did you leave?

YUP - we do have a few - but today is Easter for all Christians except for the Eastern Orthodox Christians… whom still follow the old Julian calendar…

So hang in there -

They’ll might return tomorrow… or the next day.

Yes , I am Ex Salafi muslim .

*I left Islam for many reasons , but mainly because it teach me to hate other non-believers ( at least that what they taught me in School) , in fact there is a whole section in the Fiqh (sharia) called al wala’a wal bara’a (الولاء والبراء) which is all about , being careful when you talk to a non believer so you can avoid falling into a huge sin or maybe apostasy by being too much friend to him !

*other reasons include early muslims (the sahaba )killed each for political reasons , how can I will accept their testimony of Muhammed as worthy when they lie and fight against each other! which lead to the Sunni/Shia division right after the death of Muhammed , For example Ali(the husband of the daughter of muhammed) fought against Aisha (the wife of muhammed), yet muslims want me to believe that both of them are saints! so if those people are the example for us muslims to follow , Than what make us sure that they didn’t lie and made up stories for political reasons ? Shia muslims will assure you that this is the case with umayyad dynasty .

*the misrepresentation of the Jewish and Christians beliefs , for example jews believe that uzair is the son of God , therefore they will all go to hell! Jews don’t say that ! or Christians worship Jesus and Mary as Gods , Christian don’t say Mary is a Goddess! denying the Crucifixion ( a Historical fact) and it’s meaning( 2 peter 2). claiming that allah can’t have son because he have no wife (6:101) . this is pure ignorance of the islamic God of what Christians believe .

  • a secondary reason which didn’t have a big impact on me (because I was already leaving islam) is the stories in the Quran which were stolen from fabrication and non inspired books such as the infancy gospels (3rd to 7th century) , jewish folklore , Talmud , Christian Traditional stories . so how can the Quran be inspired yet allah is mentioning stories from fake books . if muslims will argue that the infancy gospels are the true gospel , than they must accept the fact that these gospels preach that Jesus is the son of god too!

Wow, Arabic Catholic. That’s very interesting. Do you mind sharing if you came to this reasoning while living in a Muslim country? How did you manage to be safe? And how did you end up being a Christian and a Catholic? I would be very interested to hear the story if you are inclined to share it. :slight_smile:

actually , I began to investigate my religion seriously when I was in Saudi , but lost it completely in the US. I came to the point that I can’t believe in Islam anymore and it didn’t make any sense to me . and I quite it after Ramadan to be honest once I quite it I start to see more reasons from the outside than the inside , and that’s made me sure that this religion is not what it claims to be . as for how I am safe , well, my country is anti-christian country and will kill anyone who leave islam , so I need to live it in secret when I am there. as for why I became a Christian , and full christian (catholic) that is long story . But I will say The Lord Himself brought me to know him through a mystical experience. Then I went through a deep study of History and became a Catholic .

you can read it in full here.

That was such an inspiring story! Thanks for telling it. Can I ask you, though. You say at the end that you had to leave for SA- Have you been able to return to USA? I hope you continue in your faith, You remind me of the stories of conversions from the Saints of old.

Blessings, and May God’s Mother protect you always.

Bless our brother in Christ, ‘Arabic_Catholic,’ for he holds on to the faith while living in a foreign and hostile land. Protect him and give him wisdom day by day, and remind him that his brothers and sisters around the world have not forgotten him.

In Jesus’ Name…***

May the Lord guide you when you’re in Saudi Arabia, brother.

Always remember that your brothers and sisters around the world are praying for you :).

Thank you for your kind words , and prayers

Mary , no I am in Saudi

I would be very interested to hear the story if you are inclined to share it.

Please see here (as linked earlier in the thread).

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