Any ex seminarian have academic problems and could not continue on?


I failed Latin in seminary. Any ex seminarian have academic problems and could not continue on?


A lot of people have a hard time with Latin. You should not be kicked out for that.


They will let you go for Latin if they say the mass in Latin. I was in OF at the time and it killed my GPA. Once your GPA is low that is grounds for getting kicked out. For me Latin was what kept me from the priesthood. I love the mass in Latin but just not on a test in front of me.


This post has got me wondering about formation of permanent deacons. Do those in diaconal formation take Latin like other seminarians who hope to be ordained to the presbytery?


trad 1, can you be readmitted? I know of a priest who failed an entire year but was allowed to repeat it. He’s a really great priest.


Maybe I could but I have tried to study Latin after I was out of school and still could get no where with it.


I’m no seminarian but your problem reminds me of Bl. Louis Martin who wanted to become a religious but he was turned away when he was unable to learn Latin - a necessary requirement. He eventually met and married Bl. Zelie Martin and, after spending a period in celibate marriage, had several children - one of which became St. Therese of Lisieux! You might consider doing a novena to them for their help. :wink:


Didn’t the Cure of Ars have academic problems, too? I would speak to the vocation director of your diocese to see what can be done…


Many folks with academic problems are steered into the brothers or other religious. Because they do not have academic requirements. But I can’t do that because I can not take a poverty vow. So I am kind of stuck.


…and not all seminaries require Latin as a core course.


I wonder which ones?


Nearly all of them in the United States. Languages really aren’t too important these days :shrug:, often being relegated to the pre-theology programs. In those programs, the only real goal is to have 30 credit hours of philosophy and 12 or so theology/religious (as required by the Program for Priestly Formation).

I don’t necessarily agree, but this is the reality of the diocesan situation these days; and, by extension, those communities (i.e. most) utilizing diocesan seminaries. :compcoff:

I do suppose though that I have known many priests who are excellent “street priests” and have very little ability in (or need for) Latin/Greek/Hewbrew; while at the same time many who have excellent understanding of these languages and serve as formation for those who need it, having horrifyingly little pastoral ability. Different strokes I suppose. :smiley:


If you don’t understand Latin, then there is no reason to be in an order dedicated to the Mass in Latin. Tests in Latin are far easier than the difficulty of understanding the text when praying.


I have never heard of them doing that. Seminarians do not always take Latin. In my experience they generally do not.


Except back then it was required. It makes no sense to me to be joining a group focused on a language you cannot get the basics of doing.


Then be a secular priest.

Part of pursuing a vocation is not to say “I cannot do this” or "I must do that’. It is about where God is leading you.


Nearly all of them except the one(s) used by trady groups.

Even if a seminary requires it, they’ll almost always let someone go on without Latin. No diocese or order is willing to lose a potential priest because he has a hard time with a dead language.

Now, if he has an F in Latin and 4 Ds… then that is another story.


I guess it is common sense no trady groups would let you side with an F in Latin.
I wonder would the trady groups tudor you in Latin before joining the seminary if you had a problem with it. I know in the OF seminary we had no tudoring if you did bad in it.


I understand but when you get F’s in Latin you have to say “I cannot do this”. When you have academic problems it closes some doors on you. So you have to figure out which doors you can go through. I love the Latin mass groups but I might be forced to go OF with my problems. Unless the Latin mass groups would give me a ton of tutoring. Sometimes it is hard to explain to other your academic problems a lot of people think you are talking about a mild problem not F’s.


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