Any experts on the Church's contributions to science?

Has anyone compiled a master list of scientists who were/are Catholic? I am seeking expertise to review a couple of lists I have compiled on Wikipedia. The list of cleric-scientists is fairly complete, but the article could use some more introductory matter. The article on prominent Catholic scientists (both clergy and laity), however, is new and has a lot of room for improvement (both the list and introductory matter). Basically, I want to ensure that there are no glaring omissions. Please let me know if you have any contributions. I feel that these are important apologetic contributions because the issues of faith and reason, and Church and science, could very well be just as important today as justification was in the 16th century. and

I do not have anything to contribute to your list.

But I want to say thanks for taking the time to work on the wikipedia article.

This is a great example of how the internet can be used for good.

The book “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Woods Jr. is a good primary resource.

The Catholic Laboratory website and podcast is devoted to Catholic scientists in history. The professor who runs it might be willing to review your list, he’s quite the expert on the subject.

:bounce: Wow. That is impressive.

And, yes, thanks for doing this.

A great endeavour.

You may find this article (URL below) interesting, and Rodney Stark’s Book The Victory Of Reason, Random House 2005.


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