Any facebook friends willing to discuss or debate Christianity and Islam?


I am looking for some new facebook friends willing to discuss or debate Christianity and Islam or any other religious topic with my Muslim friend on my facebook page. Please let me know if interested. I think it tends to evangelize my family and friends instead of the ordinary facebook talk. And I am not that smart!!

Thank you and God Bless You,
Brian Dempski (facebook name)

You could always relay their comments here and folks help provide replies.

My suggestion is to post a link to this website on your page.

Or get some answers to the tracts here and paste them and a link to this website or page.

I have tried doing discussions on facebook and it is tedious. I always give short replies and post a link to this site and tell them if they wish further to discuss, to come here.

Yea, it is nice to post articles and things, but I just cannot come up with the good quick answers as I would like! : ) Oh well.

I learned one thing, don’t accept facebook friends you don’t know, especially a faked account for what i thought was due to religious persecution in Lebanon. A very convincing conversation at first as he/she seemed intelligent. Then the person sent me links about pedophile articles in Arabic or something, which i didn’t click on. I was too trusting based on our short conversation. I am reminded of the sin and evil in the world. May Jesus and Mary protect and guide our souls. Amen.

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