Any fans here of Epica?

I’m curious as to how many people on here are fans of the Symphonic Metal band EPICA? o.o
What do you guys think about their music?

She has a great voice, and I’m curious as to why the song Feint was in a Church with a statue of Mary and a Crucifix, and this other song that talked about Mary agonizing by Jesus on the cross…I wonder if Simon is Catholic?:shrug:

The only album I have of theirs so far is The Classical Conspiracy. I’m a sucker for classical/metal hybrid songs. How can anyone not like a metal version of the Imperial March from Star Wars? :stuck_out_tongue: I love that album.

I’ve kind of held off on their other stuff because they tend to utilize the death growls a little more frequently than I generally care for. I can deal with the male vocals from Nightwish a lot better because Marco also sings. They’re on my list of CDs to get eventually, though.

I do like the music.

I haven’t really paid attention to the lyrics or looked at the videos, so I can’t really say what it means in this particular case. Generally, though, a lot of bands use religious imagery without necessarily understanding what they’re doing with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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